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**Weigh In Wednesday** Week Three – Why I Want to Lose Weight

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Weigh in Wednesday Week Three

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OK. Time to be honest. I’m finding it really hard to motivate myself to diet with the hot weather we’ve been having. I’m struggling to stay on track and remember why I’m doing this in the first place. I lost half a pound this week and, honestly, it’s a bit of a miracle that I didn’t gain. So, this week, I want to talk to you about why I want to lose weight, to see if it helps me refocus.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’ve always had a terrible relationship with food. I don’t remember a time (in my adult life) when I haven’t been trying to lose weight, which I guess is why it’s sometimes hard to remember why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.

I think, when I was a teenager, I wanted to lose weight because I thought it would somehow make me more popular. Not that I was especially unpopular. I had friends – great ones! – but I always felt a little bit like an outsider. I was never one of the cool kids (I know – shocking, right?! Because I’m clearly awesome now!) It was ridiculous, really. I wasn’t even that overweight, but I thought that being slimmer would completely change who I was. Yep. Feel free to roll your eyes at the stupidity of that. I’m smarter than that now. I promise.

Now, my “why” is a little more important. I don’t think that losing weight will make me a better person. But part of me does think it will make me a better mum. I look at my kids and I wonder where they get their energy from. Just watching them play is exhausting. I do a pretty good job of keeping up with them now, but what about when they’re older? If I don’t lose weight, I will just keep getting heavier. One day, the twins will want me to play with them and I won’t be able to keep up anymore.

I worry that they’ll grow up and be ashamed of me, or at least, ashamed to be seen with me. I’d hate that, because I know I’ll always be proud of them and I want them to feel the same way about me. Mostly, I worry that my bad habits and terrible relationship with food will rub off on them. I don’t want them to struggle with their weight the way I have. I don’t want them to become emotional eaters like me.

Also, I don’t want to be too morbid, but obesity can be very serious. The chances of me suffering from other health conditions as I get older are increased because I’m overweight. So my “why” is that I want to do everything I can, to be as healthy as I can, for as long as I can. For my kids.

So why do I struggle to stay motivated? My kids are right there in front of me, every day. Shouldn’t that be enough to keep me motivated? Apparently not. But I’m working on it.

What do you do to stay motivated? I’d love for you to share your secrets!

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