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August Blogging Goals – Mini Update

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August Goals Update

We are 12 days into August, so I thought I’d update you on the goals I set for myself this month.


I’m aiming for 1500 sessions in August, which is roughly 50 per day. Here’s how my stats look up to 8am on August 12th:

Sessions from August 1-12

I’m on track to hit this target, and possibly even beat it, so I’m really pleased.

Page Views

My goal is 6000 page views by the end of August, so an average of 200 per day. This has already been quite challenging – especially on days when I don’t post new content.

Page views from August 1-12

Twitter has been amazing for helping to drive traffic to my blog, but I’m still falling slightly short on my target, although I’ve had a couple of really amazing days. The quiet days just make it hard to keep up. I’ve been working on some ideas for some great new content and blog posts, so I’m hoping I can still pull it back before the end of the month.

Domain Authority

I want to be at 13 by the end of my second month blogging, having got to 10 during my first month. My DA is currently 12, so I’m getting there and I’m fairly confident about hitting this target. I’m really pleased about this, because I’ve been working hard to get this to improve quickly.

Social Media

Facebook – I started August with 41 likes and I’m aiming for 80. I’m at 54 now, so it is going in the right direction. Facebook is my slowest growing social media platform and it’s all my fault. I get a fair amount of traffic from Facebook, thanks to lovely people sharing my posts, but I haven’t been focusing much attention on my Facebook page, which makes it difficult to gain traction.

Twitter – I started August with 415 followers and a goal of 700. I’m currently at 924 and it’s going up every day! So this goal has been totally smashed. I’m now aiming for 1000 by the end of August, but at the rate it’s going, I’ll smash that too. The twitter blogging community is just the most supportive group of people I’ve ever been lucky enough to be part of. It’s by far my favourite social media platform, which was such a surprise, because I’d never even used Twitter before I launched my blog.

Instagram – My goal was to grow from 159 followers to 300. I’m at 283 now, so I’m getting there! I’m fairly confident that I’ll hit this target by the end of the month, but I must admit – I find Instagram much more difficult to get involved with than Twitter, perhaps because my photography skills are a bit rusty, so my grid isn’t especially pretty. I think I need to get my fancy Nikon out!

Pinterest – I had 14 followers and wanted to get to 25. I’m up to 22 so far. Again, my slow growth here is all on me. I think it’s likely that I’ll hit my target, but it was a low target to begin with. I think growth could be a lot faster here, if I just made more of an effort. I’ve been saying for the last month that I need to work out a strategy for Pinterest to make it work for me and I still haven’t done it. So if anyone knows of any good blog posts/resources on how to make Pinterest work to increase traffic, I’d love to read them!


I set myself a target of £100 by the end of August. While I haven’t actually received any money so far, I have been contacted with a couple of opportunities that I’m feeling really positive about! This just feels amazing to me, because my blog is so new, and even if nothing comes of it yet, it shows my hard work is paying off and my blog is starting to get noticed.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how August is going. I’m finding that setting myself goals like this, and sharing them with you all, is helping to keep me motivated to work hard. Why doesn’t the same apply to my weight loss journey??

I’ll be back at the end of the month with another update!


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