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**Weigh in Wednesday** Week Four – Love the Body You’ve Got

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Weigh in Wednesday Week 4 Love the Body You've Got

This post is part of the Weigh in Wednesday Linky that I’m hosting with Emma from Sunshine and Rain. It’s a fab way to connect with other bloggers who are on their weight loss journey. So, if you’re a blogger, check out the info at the end of the post to find out how you can join in and add your own post. And if you’re not, check out the links at the end of this post for more great weight loss related content!

This week’s topic – Love the Body You’ve Got – might sound a bit strange, coming from someone who has admitted to being a serial dieter. Bear with me. It will all (hopefully) make sense soon.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am not happy with my body the way it is. If I was, Weigh in Wednesday wouldn’t be a thing. At least, not on my blog. Poor Emma would be hosting it on her own. But that’s why this topic is so important.

Since total body transplants aren’t available on the NHS (can’t decide whether I’d actually want one, even if they were) you only get the one you’re born with. So you’re stuck with that body for an entire lifetime and doesn’t it just take way too much energy to keep hating it and being negative about it all the time? Doesn’t it just make you feel worse, to keep being negative about yourself?

My body is far from perfect. But it grew two tiny humans from scratch. At the same time! And then it fed those babies – kept them alive! – with the power of breast milk alone for 6 months and still provides them with nutrition (albeit a lot less) now, 2 years later! That’s a little bit awesome. For all it’s faults (and there’s a long list of those!), my body deserves a bit of credit for that, even if it hadn’t done anything else worth celebrating in the other 31 years of my life before the twins came along.

But wait… it did do other stuff, didn’t it? I mean, it’s carried me around, got me to 34 without giving up on me – without much in the way of health issues (mental health, infertility and rubbish thyroid notwithstanding…) despite me treating it terribly and saying awful things about it all the time (which probably doesn’t do my mental health any good either). If it was a friend, surely it would have walked away from me by now. I don’t think I’d blame it if it did, either!

So I’m trying to love the body I’ve got. Because it’s the only one I’ll ever have. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to make a few improvements to it, but I don’t want to be negative about it all the time anymore. It’s not like it makes me feel any better. If anything, it makes me feel worse, so why keep doing it?

Some of you are probably wondering whether I’m going to mention this week’s weigh in result, so here it is… I didn’t weigh in. I’ve just been feeling a bit down about it and didn’t want the scales to make me feel worse. I had a better week, although definitely not perfect (anyone who follows me on Instagram will have seen the massive rack of ribs I had for lunch on Sunday). I’m working on my motivation and I guess that’s progress! This weight loss journey is definitely going more slowly than I hoped it would and I feel like I’m doing Exante a disservice, because I should be sharing great weight losses with you every week, but the blame is all mine. I promise I’m working on it! I think I just need to decide what my next step should be and how to attack this!

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