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A Tough Week on the Cambridge Weight Plan

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A Tough Week on the Cambridge Weight Plan

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Last week, I told you about my Cambridge Weight Plan story and how I am determined to get to goal and stay there this time. That’s still very much the case. But no one said this was an easy diet to follow (is any diet realy easy??), and some weeks are tougher than others.

This week was a tough week on the Cambridge Weight Plan for me

It started last Wednesday, after my weigh in. I was so pleased with my 3lb weight loss. 11lb in 2 weeks is amazing. But old habits die hard. Before, I would have a “treat” every week on my weigh in day. I’d convince myself that it was OK, because I had a whole week to undo any damage that treat did. I used to celebrate a good weigh in with a take away, maybe a tub of icecream or a big bar of chocolate… sometimes all three.

In a way, it worked for me. Or, at least, didn’t not work. I still lost weight each week, so I thought it was OK. But the problem is that it makes it really hard to get back on track afterwards. The Cambridge Weight Plan is not a diet you can cheat on and expect it to keep working for you. You’re constantly starting again and the first few days are the hardest. Why keep putting myself through that? I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that this time; that I would stick to the diet 100%, except for a couple of days that I knew in advance I wouldn’t be able to avoid food on.

Last Wednesday was not one of those days. And yet, I ended up ordering a small chicken shish kebab and thoroughly enjoying it. While I was eating it, anyway.

As takeaways go, it could have been much worse!

Chicken with salad in a pitta bread? Not as carb heavy as a pizza and not as full of fat as my favourite curry. But it definitely was not on plan and I regretted it as soon as I’d eaten it, so it wasn’t even worth it!

The worst part, was that it made it so much harder for me to stay on track this week. All I could think about was food! I’d spent the previous 2 weeks getting in the zone with Step 1A and broke my groove with one small chicken kebab.

Why do I do it to myself?

I truly am my own worst enemy. But at least I can admit that. I won’t let one bad decision ruin my hard work. There will always be bumps in the road. A diet like this is difficult in many ways, especially socially. I think it’s OK to accept that it won’t always go to plan. Life isn’t that black and white.

It took me a couple of days to get back in the right headspace and then I went out for lunch with my best friend on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel strong enough to sit and watch her eat her delicious bacon wrapped hotdog and chips while I drank a Cambridge Weight Plan shake. But I did feel strong enough to avoid my usual cheesy pasta dish or pizza. Instead, I had plain chicken with a simple side salad, no dressing. It was the most boring meal I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant, but it was the best decision I could have made and I felt so much better for it. It was, essentially, like I was doing a Step 2 day, which made it so much easier to get back on track on Sunday.

I’m a bit nervous about today’s weigh in

But it’s an early one, so I won’t have to wait long to find out whether that kebab did much damage.

I was dreading writing this post, because I wanted to be able to tell you that I’d had a great week and that it was easy for me to stay on track, but that’s just not real life. I’d much rather be honest – with all of you and with myself. The important thing is that I’m back on track now and looking forward to having a good week and a good weight loss next week.

Speaking of next week…

After lots of discussion and support from my wonderful Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, I’ve decided to become a CWP Consultant myself! At first, I was a bit reluctant, because I thought I should wait until I got to my goal weight. But I actually think it will be good to help other people on their Cambridge Weight Plan journey while I’m still on mine. I’ve done the plan before, and got to goal, so I understand the different steps. I know how hard it can be and that it works if you put the effort in! We can do it together!

I’m doing my training next Wednesday and hope to be up and running in time to see clients in the new year. I’m both excited and nervous! But I can’t wait to start this new chapter.


I lost 3lb this week and I’m so pleased!! That’s 1st in 3 weeks!!

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