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Why I Love Caravan Holidays in the UK

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Why I Love Caravan Holidays in the UK

I have such fond childhood memories of caravan holidays in the UK

In fact, they’re the only childhood memories I have of holidays. We couldn’t really afford to go abroad when I was younger, but we used to go on at least one, sometimes two, seaside holidays a year. And I loved every second of them.

We travelled all over the UK to various holiday parks and caravan sites and I’m looking forward to doing the same now that I have children of my own.

Caravan holidays are just perfect for families. I mean, what kid (or adult, for that matter) doesn’t love a week by the seaside? I remember playing in the sand with my brother and sister and joining in with the kids clubs and evening entertainment. Those holidays were the best days of my childhood and I can’t wait to make similar memories with the twins.

Here’s why I love caravan holidays in the UK.

Caravan holidays will never go out of fashion

I’m 34 and the caravan holidays I loved nearly 30 years ago are still being enjoyed by my friends and their children now. And that’s because they keep everyone happy.

Why I Love Caravan Holidays in the UK

With caravan holidays, there’s no need to leave the UK

Travelling with children can be stressful, right? So avoiding long flights can only be a good thing. And even if that wasn’t an issue, the UK is beautiful. There really are some amazing places right on our doorstep and caravan holidays give you the freedom to explore some of those places.

When you stay in a caravan in Rockley Park, for example, you’re not restricted to the beautiful beach and Poole Harbour – both of which are worth seeing. You can venture and explore as far as your legs (or car) will take you. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite restaurant or the perfect walking route with beautiful views.

Everybody is entertained!

I remember loving the evening entertainment on our caravan holidays. We used to go to Haven holiday parks most often and I still remember all the words to the Tiger Club songs (that might be showing my age – I think it’s all changed now!). I still have photos of me and my sister with the lovely people who ran the kids clubs. There’s no denying that caravan holidays keep the kids entertained.

But there’s plenty for adults to do, too. Especially while the kids are busy in those kids clubs. And if you fancy doing something as a family – which is the whole point of a family holiday, right? – what could be better than a day at the beach? Or a bike ride around the countryside? Or a family BBQ, rather than eating in a busy restaurant or hotel?

Caravan holidays are so reasonably priced

Since going from a couple to family of four, we’ve really noticed the difference in the cost of holidays. But a caravan holiday in the UK is much easier to budget for and it’s a holiday that the whole family will enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a privately owned caravan in Dorset or a trip to your nearest Haven or Butlins, a caravan holiday in the UK is much more reasonably priced than most holidays abroad, for the average family. Obviously, if you can go during term time, the savings are even better!

So when you’re planning your next family holiday

Don’t rule out a caravan holiday in the UK – you might just have the best holiday ever!

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