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Creativity Is The Key To Making Your Blog Stand Out

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Creativity Is The Key To Making Your Blog Stand Out

Every blogger wants to stand out from the crowd, but that’s easier said than done. Feel free to disagree with me, but every possible topic has been discussed online at some point. Your blog probably isn’t going to cover new ground. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to stand out. It’s the same as creating a successful business; blogging success comes down to presentation. Let’s discuss that further.

Develop your own unique brand.

You might not be approaching your blog as if it was a business, but maybe you should. After all, if you want your blog to stand out then you need to draw in readers, and you can achieve this in the same way that businesses draw in new customers: by creating an enticing brand. The point is that you’re not the first person to create a blog on a particular topic. Whatever your genre, there will most likely be thousands of bloggers already discussing that subject. If you’re going to draw some of those keen followers over to your blog then you need to package your blog in a slightly different way.

Maybe you could make your brand unique by discussing a certain niche within a particular topic. For example, there are thousands of car bloggers out there, but maybe your blog could revolve around vintage cars from a particular manufacturer and a specific decade. You might be targeting a very niche following, but that’s often the best way for a blog to stand out. You need to create a unique brand. Your imagery plays a big part in the way you package your blog too. You might even want to create a bespoke typeface for your website and get some font management software. This will help you to maintain consistency across your blog. But a unique typeface for your blog logo (and any other branded elements) would certainly help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Use online resources to network.

If you’re going to boost your blog’s following then you need to use every online resource at your disposal. Creating good content is the core element for success, but it’s not enough to simply post well-written articles. If you want to engage with readers then you need to market it effectively, as explained in the last post. Of course, as is the theme of this article, creativity is always the key to standing out. Don’t just shove loud marketing campaigns in people’s faces. You don’t want to seem like a pushy business. Your blog is trying to come across as fun and engaging, right? You might want to look into Facebook crowdsourcing groups to connect with other bloggers and build more of a presence in your respective community. Networking is important in the blogging world; you’re trying to stand out, but you don’t have to see other bloggers as “rivals”.

Tell readers why you’re different.

If you’re going to put in the work to make your blog different from the sea of similar websites out there then you need to be bold enough to boast about what makes you unique. You need to tell readers why you’re different. Make your blog’s value clear to the people who visit your website, if you want them to stick around. Referring back to the earlier example of a car blog discussing a specific manufacturer of vintage cars, you’d want to make it clear that you offer the most detailed and reliable information on the internet when it comes to that niche topic. You need to communicate your value to readers. That’s how your blog will stand out.

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