Christmas Pudding Cookies

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Christmas Pudding Cookies

The twins love helping me bake. And, since it’s Christmas, what could be better than

Christmas Pudding Cookies

I wanted to bake something easy enough for the twins to get involved with and Christmassy enough for Blogmas! So I hit Pinterest for some ideas and figured it couldn’t get much easier than Christmas Pudding cookies. I used a really simple chocolate chip cookie recipe from the BBC website and the twins just helped with the mixing.

Twins baking

Once the cookies were out of the oven and looking cookie-like, it was time to turn them into Christmas puddings.

The idea was that the twins would spoon melted white chocolate on to the top of the cookies and then put tiny berries and holly leaves on them, like this

Christmas Pudding Cookies

They’re not perfect, but they’re my Christmas Pudding Cookies. I was quite proud of them and figured it would be easy for the twins to do the same. Haha!

The reality wasn’t exactly how I’d imagined.

The twins had a lot of fun, and that’s the main thing! They loved playing with melted chocolate and sprinkles, but I guess they don’t really know what a Christmas pudding looks like, because they didn’t end up quite as I’d imagined they would.

Twins decorating cookies

The hardest part was stopping them eating everything before they’d finished decorating the cookies. Jack, especially, finds it hard to not eat everything before it even makes it to the plate.

But some of them did make it to the plate and the finished Christmas Pudding Cookies got Jack’s Seal of Approval, just as much as the individual components did!

And they didn’t look too bad… not really.

Christmas Pudding Cookies

Close enough, anyway! All the required elements were there! And they tasted just fine. At least, I’m told they did. I wasn’t allowed to find out for myself, because of my diet! But the twins and Mr Becca enjoyed them!

Have you been baking with your little ones this Christmas? Let me know if you’ve had more luck than I have, because I’m still looking for more things to bake with the twins!


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