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3 Ways To Make Your Garden A Mental Health Haven

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OK, we know what you’re thinking. ‘How on earth can my garden have any influence upon my mental health?’ you may cry, but there are many positive effects that enjoying nature can have on your mental health, and we think that your garden is the perfect place to start. Not only does it offer you an element of privacy, but your garden is also somewhere that you can add your personal touch onto, so that you can create a space that just makes you think ‘aaaah’. We’ve put together three simple tips, for those looking to make their gardens the mental health havens that they should be!

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Think about the wildlife

A great way to make your garden a place that you just love spending time in is inviting wildlife into it. With recent reports that insect populations are declining, there is no better time to make your garden attractive to bees and butterflies, and there are many ways that you can do this. It is a good idea, firstly, to plant something like wildflowers, as many insects (bees especially) love these, and a lot of plants that are sold at garden centres don’t actually attract any insects. You could also avoid clearing up piles of leaves in your garden, as they are home to a whole host of creatures, and you don’t want to destroy this by mistake!

Look into incorporating water

There is little more relaxing than having some form of water in your garden, and this has actually proven to be beneficial to your mental health. You can look into things like ponds if you want to bring even more wildlife into your garden (although you’ll also need a water pump too) and you can also incorporate water fountains into your garden design. These things aren’t actually too expensive if you shop around and choose the ones that are pretty easy to maintain, so look into this if you want to have a water feature in your garden. We promise you, it’s great to relax next to them in the summer, so check your options out!

Create a place to relax

When it comes to home and garden improvements, there is nothing better than creating a space where you can relax, and this is good for those days when your mental health just isn’t as good as it usually is. We all like to hide away in our safe little places, and a wooden gazebo or some cleverly positioned benches will really do the trick here. It’s a good idea to put them where the sun will shine on them in the most important hours, as this is where you can really enjoy the heat whilst reading a book or just relaxing. Whatever you decide to do in your garden, think about where you can sit back and enjoy all of your hard work!

So, if you want to make your garden a mental health haven, try out these simple tips, and see what they could do for you!

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