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Breaking Free Of The Ties That Bind Us

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In theory, our lives are full of possibilities. At an early age, we develop hopes and dreams and start to develop a life of purpose and passion. We have the potential to live our best life, whatever that might mean to us, but for some, that potential is short-lived. For some of us, we never attain the lofty goals we once hoped for.


Because there are ties that hold us back. There are ties that stop us from being the best of ourselves. Whether internal or external, these are the ties that bind us.

So, what about you? Are you living your best life? Or are there any ties limiting you? If you answer yes to the latter, then know that it’s never too late to turn things around. In this article, we will discuss two of the ties that could stop us from living our best lives. If any relate to you, consider our suggestions.

#1: Addiction

When we talk about addiction, we are talking about anything that stops you from living a balanced life. It can take many forms; an addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, television, and more. With the exception of drugs and smoking, some of these things are tolerable in small doses, but when we become dependant upon them and rely on them above and beyond the other aspects of our lives, we can lose focus of ourselves and cause ourselves physical and mental harm.

However, addiction can be beaten. Admitting you have a problem is your first step, and a visit to your doctor or a counsellor is the second. There are self-help groups available for many addictions, and for drink and drugs, there is the option of a drug and/or alcohol rehab centre. We aren’t saying breaking an addiction is easy – it isn’t – but if you know you aren’t living your best life because of a compulsion to something, use that as your incentive for getting the help you need.

#2: Fear

We are all afraid of something, and in some cases, fear doesn’t have to inhibit us. So, if you are afraid of snakes, for example, that is unlikely to cause you any real issues unless you decide you want to work in a reptile zoo! But there are other fears that do hold us back.The fear of failure can stop us from taking risks in our lives and careers. The fear of  rejection can prevent us from forming relationships. The fear of change can cause our lives to stagnate. And the fear of loneliness can cause us to stay in a bad relationship.

We don’t have to be bound by fear forever, but the onus is on ourselves to conquer our negative feelings. It’s about finding that courage to take that first step to a better life, as its only through facing our fears that we can conquer them. If you know there are fears holding you back, identify them, and ask yourself why you are scared? Then think of the alternative to not conquering your fears, and ask yourself what life you would prefer? A life of hope and a future or a life with little hope and little future? Seek help from friends and family as you start to conquer your fears, and speak to a counsellor for professional support. And consider the ways to overcome fear here, and work through the ones that are valid to you. Fear can be beaten, so with a positive mindset, start the process today.


Life can take many turns, so we might never achieve all of our hopes and dreams. We might never completely live our best lives. However, we should still try. Within the realms of reality, we should strive to get the best life we possibly can. And to do this, we need to break free from those ties that limit us to give us a fighting chance. We have talked about addiction and fear in this article, but if there is anything else binding you today, identify the problem, and then work hard to free yourself. A better life awaits if you do.

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