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Should You Go For Wood Or Tiled Flooring In The Kitchen?

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A kitchen is a room that is frequently utilised. Therefore, there is greater emphasis placed on the decision between tiled floors and wood floors. These two options seem to be the most popular, but what one is truly victorious?
First, it is important to stress that you should never rush into this decision, as having your floor installed is something that cannot easily be replaced; therefore you need to be 100% happy. Nevertheless, in the battle between wood and tiles, there is only one winner – wood!

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One of the main reasons why wood floors are preferred by bespoke kitchen designers in comparison to tiles is because they are a lot nicer to our feet. Tiles are extremely cold and they can create a very harsh environment. Wood as a material naturally brings warmth with it. That is why wooden furniture is so popular – it has that homely and comfortable feel to it. This is very important, especially in the kitchen area. You are going to be utilising the room a lot, and when you are cooking you want to be doing so in a pleasant environment. You certainly don’t want to have to put on three pairs of socks before you step foot into your kitchen, that’s for sure.


This leads beautifully onto the next point, which is the inexpensiveness of wood floors. First and foremost, let’s attribute this to the previous factor; warmth. If you have tiled floors then you will find yourself spending a lot of money on heating up the room, especially during the winter months. Moreover, wooden floors tend to be a lot cheaper with regards to the cost of material and installation as well. Of course, this all depends on the type of wood you decide to purchase. Nevertheless, in general, you will find that this is a much cheaper alternative.


In terms of style, a lot of people find wooden floors a more attractive alternative. This cannot be deemed a fact. After all, what you find stylish may be completely different from what someone else finds stylish. This is a matter of opinion. Nevertheless, what can be revealed is the style wood possesses, as well as the style that tiles possess. You can then make your own conclusions regarding what appeals to you the most.

Wood has a very rustic, authentic, homely, and antique feel to it. It has a quality that simply cannot be replicated by any other type of material found today. There are lots of different hues, tones, and patterns of wood. The lighter shades slightly stray away from the vintage and rustic quality, they give a more light and airy feel. When it comes to tiles, you are met with a style that is often considered bold and contemporary. Tiles have a very sharp and distinct look to them. They won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure. You can purchase a vast selection of different tiles; therefore you will be able to find something that suits your taste and the look of your home.

And finally, a few extra points to consider.

Wood floors are credited with making your room look bigger. Whereas tile floors can actually make your room look smaller (depending on the ones chosen of course). In addition to this, one of the most common issues found with tiled floors is that they can easily crack,  leading to more costs entailed than initially imagined.

In the battle between wood and tile floors, it is quite easy to see that there is only one winner in the kitchen at the moment.

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