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Weatherproof Your Home

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It is wise to weatherproof your home to avoid any nasty shocks. You do not want to get up to water running down the walls or anything similar. There are some jobs you should do every year, and others that should be checked at the same time, but will only need attention every few years.

Start At The Top

You can look from the ground at your roof and see if you think they may be any loose tiles. You should not try to climb onto it yourself as that takes the right equipment and expertise. However, if you spot something from the ground, call a local professional to take a close look and to make any repairs.

Your gutters should also be cleared as blockages in them will stop water running to the drains and this can result in watermarks on the inside and outside of your home. If you can reach them yourself from a ladder, take a trowel with you to clear any debris. If they are too high though, call the professional to do this annual job for you.

Clean The Drains

It can be surprising how much debris collects in drains. It can be leaves that have fallen from trees or rubbish that has been left there by the wind. Whatever it is, your drains need to be cleaned to ensure that they are free-flowing.

Repair The Walls

Look all around your home at the walls to see if any repairs are needed. If there is any pointing that needs to be done or if you have rendering that has started to bulge make sure it gets the attention it needs. Failing to do this could result in water seeping through to the inside walls of your home.

Check Out The Window Frames

Rotten window frames will only get worse when they get soaked by the rain and are subject to freezing temperatures. If there are small parts of the frames that have started to rot, you can chisel out the bad part and replace with some new wood. Once that is all sanded and painted no one would tell the difference.

Move Inside

There are some jobs that are better looked at from inside your home. If you have a basement or crawl space, for instance, you may need to be looking at Tsurumi sump pumps. If yours needs replacing now is the time to do it so that you do not leave your home at risk of flooding.

Those window frames you checked from the outside – you now need to look at them all from the inside to see if they are letting any drafts in.  If they are, there are sealing tapes you can buy very cheaply. You just put a strip of it where the gap in the window frame is and that will help to eliminate drafts in your home.

You should also check around any doors that lead to the outside of the home in case they have become drafty too. In years gone by, people used to hang a curtain over their external doors to help stop this happening. Although it has gone out of fashion now, it was a very effective way of helping to keep homes warm.

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