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When Alice Met Lamby: Dream Pillow Review (AD – Gifted)

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Dream Pillow Review

As you know, my children are not great sleepers. In fact, that’s a bit of an understatement. So, when the lovely folk at Dream Pillow got in touch and said they’d like to send me a Dream Pillow to help Alice get a better night’s sleep, I responded with a very enthusiastic “yes, please!” I chose Lamby, because Alice is currently obsessed with cute animals.

The idea of the Dream Pillow came from a 7 year old girl, who wanted to help her little brother have happy dreams. (Side note – how cute is that?) It comes with a pad of cloud-shaped note paper, for children to write their dream wishes on, and the Dream Pillow is shaped like a hand muff, so that they can pop their dream wishes inside and prepare for a night of happy sleep.

I loved the idea straight away.

I’ve always kept a journal and I use writing as a kind of therapy, so I can see how encouraging kids to get creative and writing down their wishes would be a positive thing. However, Alice is only just 3 and I’m not sure that she’d really understand the concept. I’m also not sure I could get her to give up the pencils, if I let her write/draw so close to bedtime. So, I decided we’d find another way to introduce Lamby into our bedtime routine.

Alice was very excited as soon as the box arrived. She even insisted on an early bedtime.

3 year old girl with Dream Pillow box

As soon as she was in her PJs, there was no holding her back! And she just loved Lamby. For my part, I love how soft and adorably cute Lamby is. I didn’t have to convince Alice to take him to bed with her – I don’t think I would have been able to get her to let go of him if I’d tried!

3 year old girl with Dream Pillow

Since we weren’t writing down her dream wishes, we talked about them instead. We talked about the fun things we’d done that day and what she’d like to do the following day. I asked her what made her happy and what she thought Lamby might like to dream about. Ice cream and Play Doh featured pretty heavily in her answers.

3 year old girl with Lamby Dream Pillow

Has Alice’s sleep improved?

Yes and no. I never expected Lamby to be a miracle cure for Alice’s night waking and that’s a good thing, because he isn’t. I am still Alice’s favourite thing to snuggle up to and she sleeps best when I’m in the room. Same for Jack, really. But Lamby has become a lovely part of our bed time routine. Alice asks for him after we’ve read a story (or three) and tells him about the fun things she wants to do, which I figure is a nice step towards writing down her dream wishes.

And the aforementioned lovely folk at Dream Pillow have kindly offered to give my readers a 10% discount on their Etsy store, using the code BECCABLOGSIT. So if you think your little one would like their own Dream Pillow, check them out!

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