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Tips and Tricks For Affording the Finer Things in Life

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When you’re a money-strapped Millennial then money can be tight and you might find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck. So if you think about any luxury items that you might want, then it can feel like you need to think again; budget supermarkets and charity shops it is! And while you shouldn’t waste money, if you plan things well you really can afford the things that you want, to have a little luxury in your life. So here are a few tips and tricks to help you to manage your money so that if there are a few finer things in life that you want to be able to have, then you will be able to eventually. Is there anything else that you would add to this money-savvy list?

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Save First

In order to make sure that you have what you need for the future or just for a general emergency, it pays to save some money each month. Think about the saving side of things first, before you think about the shopping side of things. This will help you to cover all of your monthly expenses, as well as help you to save for your long or short term financial goals.

Quality over Quantity

If you want to afford more luxury items, then you do need to find yourself becoming a little pickier. Instead of lots of high-street fast fashion, think about using what you could buy from a cheaper store, and save that towards the more quality item that you could buy a couple of month’s down the line. Quality items are likely to be better made and last much longer too. The old adage of buying cheap means buying twice is something that is very true for a lot of things.

Use Monthly Budget

If you have something that you want, such as the new Mercedes CLS, then it could take you years and years to be able to afford to buy one. But there are things like leasing a car and paying monthly for it, that will allow you to have use of it, but not the upfront cost. And as long as it has been budgeted into your finances each month, then it will be something that you will make sure that you can afford.

Avoid Fast Trends

There can be lots of trends that can seem pretty ‘must have’ but then a couple of months later and they have been and gone. And if you are trying to save money and be able to afford more luxury things in life, then avoiding the fast trends will be key. Take clothing, for example. There can be lots of trends for summer that you might feel you have to follow. But really, if you take some classic pieces that aren’t that expensive, to create a capsule wardrobe, then you’ll be onto a (much more affordable) winner.

When it comes to expensive or luxury items or high-end fashion, as long as you make sure that you do it without debt and that you save and plan for the future, then occasional splurges are something that can be allowed.

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