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When Two Became Four! Becoming a Twin Mum!

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**This post was originally posted on an old blog in March 2016, but it finishes off the IVF and pregnancy journals and tells the story of how I became a twin mum, so I thought I’d share it with you**

March 16th 2016

I haven’t been very good at this journalling thing, have I? I had every intention of keeping my blog up to date, but after my last post, we moved house and then it was Christmas and, all of a sudden, it was time for the babies to be born.

Quick recap…

Firstly, it is a stupid idea to move/buy a house when you’re 25 weeks pregnant with twins. But that’s what we did. It was stressful, but worth it. I also had my baby shower that week, which was lovely – my sister planned it and everyone gave me books for the twins with lovely messages written inside. I’m a big reader and I want my children to share my love of books, so they were the perfect gift.

Christmas was quiet, but lovely – our last as a family of two. I was very uncomfortable by that point, but I finished work on Christmas Eve and made the most of the beginning of my maternity leave.

We spent all of January hoping the twins wouldn’t come early and they didn’t! I was booked for induction on the 15th of February and the twins stayed nice and comfy for as long as they could!

My induction was delayed due to lack of space for the twins in special care and we actually got going on the 16th. It was unlikely that they would need additional care, but better safe than sorry! I was examined and they decided not to induce me because I was already 3cm dilated, so they broke my waters and I started contracting less than half an hour later.

37 weeks – 2 days before the twins were born

My labour was fairly textbook – I dilated at the speed they expected, but I was in a lot of pain. The consultant recommended an epidural in case we ended up needing a section and I was in so much pain that I agreed straight away.

The contractions were much easier to deal with after the epidural was in place and when I was fully dilated, I pushed for an hour. The midwives said I was pushing really well, but Twin 1’s head wasn’t moving down enough, so we went to theatre. I was examined again and the doctor said that the baby had managed to get his head in an awkward position and was looking the wrong way – no amount of pushing was going to get him out and his head wasn’t even low enough to use forceps, so we had to have an emergency section.

This is where the fun began! First, the top up of my epidural failed, so I had to have a spinal. Getting that in place was tricky, because my legs were completely numb and I had cannulas in both hands, so I couldn’t support myself in the position they needed me in. I was swaying all over the place and they had to hold me still. Then all the drugs in my system made me feel sick and I threw up… Very glamorous.

First photo of the twins together

The section itself went well – both babies were born safe and sound and we’re passed to their daddy for cuddles. But I lost a lot of blood and my blood pressure dropped and although I don’t remember much, it seems everyone was quite worried about me.

The blood loss made everything more difficult – I was exhausted and very anaemic – but we went home after two days to start our life as a family of four. Mr Becca has proved that he is worth his weight in gold during these first few weeks. I have felt so poorly and he took over and did everything, until he had to go back to work, except feed the twins – he is unfortunately lacking the necessary equipment to breastfeed – but he does keep me supplied with drinks and snacks, which makes me love him just a little bit more!

Becoming a Twin Mum! When 2 Became 4!

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