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How I Smashed My August Blogging Goals!

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How I Smashed My August Blogging Goals!

August was an amazing month for my blog. After a crazy first month in July, I set myself some pretty big blogging goals for August. And, spoiler alert (as if the post title didn’t give it away already) I smashed them. Well, all except one, but I’ll talk about that later.

So my goals for August (compared to July) were:

  • Sessions – 1500 (1232)
  • Page Views – 6000 (5226)
  • DA – 13 (10)
  • Facebook – 80 likes (41)
  • Twitter – 700 followers (415)
  • Instagram – 300 followers (159)
  • Pinterest – 25 followers (14)
  • Earnings – £100 (£0)

I felt like these goals were quite ambitious. I set them high, because I wanted to push myself to stay motivated. This is how I did…


1939 sessions reached in August

Page Views

6233 page views reached in August


I once read that it would take about 6 months to get your DA into the teens. I suspected this was a conservative estimate and decided I wanted to do it in 2 months. At midnight on August 31st, my DA was 14.

Social Media

  • Facebook – 113 likes
  • Twitter – 1589 followers
  • Instagram – 378 followers
  • Pinterest – 101 followers

Before I wow you all with the amazing story of how I smashed my August blogging goals, I want talk about the one goal I haven’t mentioned yet.

I set myself the goal of making £100 from my blog. In my second month of blogging. I haven’t achieved that. I am, of course, disappointed, but I set that goal when I was pretty sure an opportunity was going to work out…. and then it didn’t. But it was a pretty ambitious goal to set myself, given that I hadn’t even been blogging for a full month when I set it. There are a few different opportunities that I’m exploring at the moment, so I’m confident that it won’t be long before the blog is bringing in some money. In the meantime, I’m completely overwhelmed by how well everything else is going so far.

So how did I smash my August blogging goals?

Honestly? Hard work. But I’m going to try to break it down a little bit more than that for you.

How did I increase traffic to my blog to reach my sessions and page views goals?


The answer to this one really is “hard work”. I increased my blogging schedule from 3 days a week to 4, for a start. This was only partially done with the aim of increasing traffic. Mostly, I wanted the freedom to blog about different topics without messing with what was already working for me. Adding a fourth post per week gave me that freedom. It also had the added bonus of bringing in extra traffic over the weekend, which was when my views were lowest during July.

I also got smarter about social media. I spent a lot of time promoting my posts on Twitter and engaging with other bloggers. This wasn’t just about getting other bloggers to visit my blog. The most wonderful thing about the blogging community is that people are really open and willing to share their tips on how to improve your blog. I have been soaking up those posts like a sponge.

In addition to Twitter, I continued using Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter is definitely the one that works best for me, in terms of day to day promotion. I get more traffic from Facebook, but all I do is share my posts to my blog page and my personal profile. I’m very lucky to have some wonderful friends who share them for me, too.

I also started putting more effort into Pinterest and it really made a big difference. Across the month, Pinterest was still my third biggest social media referral after Facebook and Twitter, but I really noticed an increase in the last week or so. And it only took me a few minutes per day. If you haven’t already, I’d really recommend making the most of Pinterest. One resource that really helped was this free Pinterest Primer course by Moms Make Cents.

I also made a point of adding more internal links between my posts, to encourage people to stick around for longer. As a result, my bounce rate has really dropped (and it wasn’t high to begin with) and my daily page views has increased.

How did I increase my DA?

I worked on getting links to my blog from other bloggers. This was the main thing. I used crowdsourcing groups on Facebook to look out for posts that I could contribute to and I started hosting a new Mummy Monday linky (in addition to the Wellbeing Wonders one I was already co-hosting), to get my blog name out there a little bit. I also kept posting regularly and worked on the SEO of my posts. I’m really pleased with how quickly my DA has increased so far, but it’s definitely slowed down now. So I’m working on some ideas to give it a boost in September.

How did I increase my social media following?

This one was all about engaging with my followers. My Twitter following grew much more quickly than I expected. But I did spend a lot of time on Twitter, looking for people with similar interests to follow. Obviously, there’s no gaurantee that those people will follow me back, but that’s OK. All I can do is keep producing the best posts that I can and try to not be boring. If they follow me back, then great! If not, who cares? I followed them because I was interested in what they have to say, and that’s not dependent on whether they follow me back.

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have grown much more slowly, but I did exceed my goals – by a lot! – mostly thanks to the Twitter blogging community. One thing I’ve learned is that, if you tweet about a goal you’re trying to hit… people will make it happen. But don’t be selfish about it – help other people reach their goals and they’re much more likely to help you reach yours. It’s called a community for a reason!

It’s all taken a lot of time and hard work, but it’s been worth it.

So… just hard work?

Nope. Mostly hard work. But I had some really good foundations to work from, too. I got a lot of really good advice from Emma Drew and her #MyBlogMyBusiness course (especially the Facebook group linked to it). After I launched in July, I was able to hit the ground running, which meant I was able to grow my blog much more quickly than if I’d had to spend more time figuring it all out. MyBlogMyBusiness is currently closed to new members, but I believe it’s opening up again towards the end of September and I’d really recommend checking it out – especially if you’re new to blogging or are struggling to find your blogging feet!

Goals for September?

I feel like this post is probably long enough… So check out this post about my September goals!


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