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10 Fun Autumn Activities for Toddlers

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10 Fun Autumn Activities for Toddlers

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love Autumn. I love the colours and the cosy jumpers and Halloween! Now that the twins are a little bit bigger, I’ve been looking for some fun Autumn activities for toddlers that we can all do together! Here’s a list of 10!

1  Pumpkin picking!

We’ve taken the twins pumpkin picking for the last two years, but I think they’ll really enjoy it this year! It’s just a shame they’re too big to fit into the pumpkins now…

Twins sitting in pumpkins

Halloween 2016

But as Ami from Through Ami’s Eyes reminded me – there’s a lot more that you can do with a pumpkin than just carve it (or sit a toddler in it…)! So this year, I’m going to try using the pumpkin to bake with the twins! Pumpkin pie, anyone??

2  Welly boot footprint painting

I love this idea from Louise at Little Hearts Big Love! So, this year, I’m going to set up the garden with a big sheet of paper, a tray of autumn coloured paints and wellies for the twins! Messy play in the garden is my favourite kind – it’s so much easier to clean up and the twins love being outside.

3  Leaf printing/rubbing

Catherine at Growing Family, Lyndsey at Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby and Victoria from Lylia Rose all suggested leaf printing or rubbing, to create some Autumnal artwork! As Autumn activities for toddlers go, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this one myself! The twins love painting and drawing. So I’m going to take them for a walk to collect leaves and then make some colourful leaf rubbings, by putting them veiny side up under a piece of paper and using crayons to colour over the top. Then we can use use the same leaves to make prints with paint!

Toddler walking through leaves with teddy

4  Nature collage

Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives and Nicola from Mum on a Budget both like to collect leaves and conkers and other “fallen treasures” with their children. They they glue them to paper to create pictures and collages. I’m definitely going to do this with the twins this year!

5  Jumping in piles of leaves

Laura from Autumn’s Mummy has already found some brown leaves on the ground and enjoyed walking through them with her toddler, hearing them crunch under their feet! Later in the season, there will be lots more leaves around to gather into piles to jump into – like a dry version of jumping in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig)!

Toddler playing with leaves

6  Evening walks by torch light

Catherine from Mama Cat and Baby Bee loves doing this with her daughter. I think the twins will love it, too – wrapping up warm and going on family walks with their torches to explore in the dark!

7  Bark rubbing

If your toddlers like leaf rubbing, they’ll love this, too! Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs and Rebekah Gillian both recommended bark rubbing. All you need is a tree, a sheet of paper and a crayon and you’ve got an afternoon of fun for your toddlers.

8  Blackberry picking

Adam from You’ve Got All This to Come has already taken his two year old blackberry picking and has more trips planned! Jack loves fruit and I love the idea of teaching him about where food really comes from – not just the supermarket!

Blackberries arranged in a heart shape

9  Making a leaf luminary

If you want to try something a bit different, how about making a leaf luminary, as recommended by Jenny at The Gingerbread House. I’ve never tried this before, but I love decorating glass jars with decoupage, and this is really similar. I think they’d look really pretty with a candle inside (kept out of reach of children). The little ones can have fun collecting leaves in different shapes and colours and helping position them on the jar to make pretty patterns.

10  Conkers

If you haven’t been hunting for conkers, is it really Autumn? Beth from Twinderelmo doesn’t think so! She loves taking her little ones to find conkers to take home, where they either play conkers with their dad or paint and decorate them!

Pile of conkers

I’m looking forward to working my way though this list of Autumn activities for toddlers with my own little darlings! If you can think of any more, please let me know!

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