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Tips For New Bloggers

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Following on from my post about things I’ve learned since starting a blog, I thought I’d share a few tips for new bloggers.

Have faith in yourself

Don’t doubt whether you can do it. You can. Setting up a blog, putting yourself out there, it can feel like a huge deal. And it is. I get that. But what have you go to lose? What’s the worst that can happen? Do the opinions of strangers really matter? And your family and friends will want to support you. Just do it. Don’t do what I did and think yourself out of it for years before finally taking that leap.

Write what you love

There’s a temptation to blog about what’s popular or what will be easiest to make money from (if monetising your blog is something you’re interested in). But if you don’t love what you’re writing about, you will run out of things to say. Or, at least, you’ll get bored of saying them. People will enjoy your posts more if they can tell that you’re passionate about your chosen topic. And you can monetise a blog about almost anything, so you might as well start with something you enjoy writing about.

Set yourself a schedule

Consistency is important. Especially for a new blog. If you want your readers to keep coming back, it helps if they know when you’re going to be posting new content. Publishing randomly, with big gaps between posts, will mean that people who like your blog won’t know when to visit, so they might forget to check back. It isn’t good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) either. Even if you only commit to posting once a fortnight, set your schedule and stick to it.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Blogging should be something you enjoy, but it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. Trust me. I know. But the numbers will come. If you keep producing good quality content and keep promoting it in all the right places, the numbers will go up. If you stress about those numbers, all that happens is is you get stressed out. Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t increase the number of followers you have, or the number of page views you get.

Make friends

Find other bloggers in your niche and make friends. It sounds hard (I’m useless at making friends), but it’s not really. You already know you’ve got something in common, because you’re writing about similar stuff. Collaborations, guest posts and link swaps, and joining in with linkys all help get your blog noticed by new people, so networking is important. And it’s more fun collaborating with people you like, so… make friends.

Promote, promote, promote

The dream is writing a post and watching it go viral without any effort, right? But the reality is a little less exciting, especially in the early days. If you want your posts to be seen, you need to promote them. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all great forpromoting blogs. Try them all, see what works for you, but put the effort in to promoting your blog and getting your work out there so people will see it! And don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet – if you’ve written a great post, make sure you tell everyone how great it is – tell people why they should read your blog!

If you’re already blogging, leave me a comment below with your best tips for new bloggers!


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