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Meal Planning – What’s All The Fuss About?

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I am a complete meal planning novice. It’s one of those things that I think I should do, because all the “good” mums do it. But, I’ve never really known what all the fuss is about. Why do people love meal planning so much? It’s always struck me as a lot of hard work.

So, I asked some lovely mummy bloggers what they love about meal planning and this is what they said…

I love meal planning, because it stops me wasting the food I have bought and it going out of date before it is used up – especially salad. Becky – Eat Simply

I love meal planning because it helps me budget my food shop. Each week, I will write 7 main meals and 7 lunch meals and I will only buy those ingredients. I’m also never stuck on what to have for food. Beth – Life As Mum 

As someone trying to follow the Slimming World plan, it stops the temptation to binge eat as we know exactly what we are having on what day, meaning I can hopefully lose weight and stay on track, as well as saving money. Beth – Twinderelmo

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

I love meal planning because it not only helps me to save money, especially when I shop in season, but I can also work into the shopping list things I’ve got already, which means I make double savings! Plus, I can ensure that I am incorporating as many vitamins into my family’s diet as possible, by trying to offer as varied a diet as possible. Leyla – Five For A Fiver

I love it because I always try and factor in a new recipe we’ve never tried. I love cooking but lost the time to sit and pore over recipe books, so when I meal plan, I’ll pick one new recipe to give a go and make sure I’ve got all the ingredients! Hayley – Devon Mama

I’ve only just started and love it! I’ve noticed the food waste is much less as I only buy what I need; meals have been more interesting, as I’ve put thought into it. And in the first month my shopping bill was £50 less, even with buying items I wouldn’t normally, not to mention the money we saved by not grabbing takeaways!! Jo – Pickle and Poppet

So, the general consensus is that meal planning saves money and reduces waste… so that’s good, right?

I’ve just started a new weight loss journey with the Cambridge Weight Plan. So, food is off the menu for me at the moment, but I still have to feed my kids. I’ve been thinking that meal planning might be the answer. The less I have to think about food, the better.

Since I know so little about meal planning, I’ve bought the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle. It’s on sale for 48 hours and there are 101 great meal planning resources, worth over $1000! There are 10 mini bundles, each with resources for a specific topic. You can buy just one of those mini bundles for $27 or you can get the whole collection for just $20 more (which is what I’ve done)!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

There’s so much included in this bundle, it will take weeks to go through it all. I’m especially looking forward to working through the mini bundles on budget meals, freezer and batch cooking, and the bundle specifically about meal planning, since I’m such a newbie! If you’re looking for new receipts or some meal planning tips, you should definitely check out this amazing bundle! Remember, it’s only available today and tomorrow!


Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

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