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Cambridge Weight Plan – Week One Done

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After talking about my relationship with food last week, and ending the post wondering what comes next for my weight loss journey, I decided to give the Cambridge Weight Plan another go.

I just feel like my head is in the right place to commit to it properly and achieve my goal this time.

I’ve been 100% on plan for the whole week

That’s pretty amazing for me. My motivation as been nonexistent lately, but I’m completely determined to not only get to goal, but to stay there.

I’ve started on Step 1A, which means I have 3 meal replacements a day. And nothing else. Except a bucket load of water.

The first few days were pretty tough. This isn’t my first rodeo, so I knew what to expect, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult. I had a bit of a headache and I missed food. After the first couple of days, I wasn’t hungry anymore, which helped me stay on track. And then my sister lost 9lb in her first week on the same plan, which motivated me even more.

I know that the Cambridge Weight Plan isn’t for everybody

It’s a nightmare in social situations, but I don’t really have much of a social life, so I’m doing OK on that front! And giving up food is obviously hard. I love food. But that’s why I’m overweight. I talked about dieting feeling like a break up last week. Well… me and food definitely need a break.

Once I start eating, I find it difficult to stop and I end up binging on food that I don’t even enjoy. Or I eat food I do enjoy, but I can’t seem to stop when I’m full, so then I just end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve tried to cut back and eat in moderation, but it’s clearly not working for me.

The Cambridge Weight Plan products are giving my body all the nutrition it needs. I know some people don’t like the idea of very low calorie diets, but let’s face it – I’m not going to starve. I’ve got enough fat reserves to see a grizzly bear through Winter.

I am nervous about weigh in today

Despite being 100% on plan all week, standing on the scales always makes me nervous. My weigh in is at 10am, so I’ll update this post after that. Since the Wellbeing Wonders linky opens at 8am, I didn’t want to wait until after my weigh in to publish this post.

Wish me luck!

Update: I lost 8lb this week! Roll on week 2!

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