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How to Have a Social Life While on the Cambridge Weight Plan

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How to Have a Social Life While on the Cambridge Weight Plan

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It probably won’t surprise you to hear that the toughest part of the Cambridge Weight Plan is maintaining a social life.

Some of you actually might be surprised by that.

You might think that the toughest part is living on meal replacements or consuming so few calories. And I’m not saying that bit’s easy, because it isn’t. If giving up regular food was easy, none of us would end up overweight in the first place.

But, in my experience, while the first week can be really difficult (depending on what your diet was like before), as you adjust to the changes to your diet, it gets easier after that. Once you’re in ketosis, the hunger tends to go away, which makes it much easier to stick to. For me, taking away all the choice mke And, of course, the rapid weight loss helps to keep you motivated each week.

But maintaining a social life while on the Cambridge Weight Plan is something that I’m often asked about when my diet comes up in conversation.


Obviously, those people can’t know me very well, or they’d know that I don’t really have a social life… but it’s a valid concern.

Being on a plan like CWP means making some sacrifices for a while and changing your lifestyle long term. There’s no getting around that. But, really, you have to think about priorities.

You don’t have to give up your social life while on the Cambridge Weight Plan, but it might have to look a bit different for a while. If your social life revolves around food and alcohol, you know that needs to change. In the kindest possible way (because what little social life I have has always revolved around food, so I know how hard it is), that’s a bit part of why we’re overweight in the first place.

We convince ourselves that we need a “good” meal or a drink (or 3) to have a good time

but that’s what got us where we are, right? It’s definitely what got me to this point. I can’t remember even half of the meals out that I’ve had along the way, but I’m dealing with the consequences of all that food now! Was it worth it? The short answer is no. It wasn’t worth it.

I’ve realised that I don’t need to eat the way that I used to in order to have a good time. In fact, thinking that way would be doing my friends a disservice.

There are lots of ways to maintain a social life while on the Cambridge Weight Plan

You can still eat out

Firstly, there’s nothing to stop you going out with your friends and having a shake or bar and a glass of sparkling water while they eat. You might get a few funny looks or comments, but that’s their problem, not yours. If you’re on Step 1A/B and want to stay 100% on track, then more power to you!! Don’t let what other people think get in the way of you achieving your goals.

But if you don’t want to give up your meals out, you don’t have to. You just have rethink your choices. Go for a chicken salad and have a Step 2 day, like I did when I went out for lunch with my best friend. Or, at the very least, just avoid carbs and creamy sauces etc. and get back on track the following day.

While it’s important to stay focused and keep your eyes on your goal, life does go on and it’s unrealistic to think that there won’t be any bumps in the road along the way. Just be careful about falling into the “just one won’t hurt” trap.

That first one might not hurt on its own, but it does make it easier to give in to the second one… And any slip off plan can make it harder to get back on track.

Why not eat in??

Invite your friends round for a night in. It’s much easier to stick to your guns when you’re not in a restaurant. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little bit weird sitting in a restaurant and not ordering anything. When you’re in your own home, it’s much easier to make good decisions. You could cook a healthy Step 2 meal or let them order take away and stick to your Cambridge Weight Plan meal.

How often do you eat out on your own? For most of us, probably not very often, if at all. And that’s because the best thing about a meal out is the company. You can still have a great time with your friends and maintain your social life while on the Cambridge Weight Plan. The only thing that needs to change is the choices you make.

Skip the food altogether!

It might surprise you, but there are plenty of things that you can do with your friends that do not involve food. No, really. I’m not kidding. My favourite thing to do with my best friend is go to the cinema. I take a Cambridge Weight Plan bar, or a pack of the delicious new Mint Chocolate Bites, and a bottle of sparkling water with some CWP water flavouring and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all.

Something we all need to accept is that, if we want to change, we have to make changes

It sounds obvious, but the decisions we made before, got us to where we are. And if you’re happy with where you are, then thats great! Keep up the good work! But if you’ve decided to lose weight, whether on the Cambridge Weight Plan or not, you’re obviously not completely happy, so something needs to change.

Find ways to have fun and still have a social life while on the Cambridge Weight Plan. It is possible. I promise. Your friends love you! That’s why they’re your friends! True friends will want to support you and help you to achieve your goals. You don’t have to eat out or go out drinking to have a social life. I mean, you can do both of those things, if you want to, as long as you choose to eat and drink the “right” things. But you don’t have to.

In case any of you aren’t following me on Instagram (shame on you!) and don’t already know…

I weighed in a day early this week, because I’m heading to London today to do my training to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant! I lost 2lb this week, despite being ill and eating my weight in cough syrup and throat sweets! I’m super happy with that and really looking forward to doing my training today!

Wish me luck!!

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