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Pumpkin Picking With the Twins

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Pumpkin Picking with the Twins

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This is the twins’ third Halloween and we’ve taken them pumpkin picking every year so far. I love Halloween. Any excuse to dress the twins up in novelty costumes for the sake of a photo op….

Two toddlers in halloween costumes

First Halloween 2016

They were only 10 months old on their first Halloween, so we went pumpkin picking with the twins in baby carriers and then, naturally, I sat them in the pumpkins and took a photo…

Twins sitting in pumpkins

Halloween 2016

Last year, they were much more active

They loved toddling around the pumpkins and riding in the wheelbarrow.

Toddler girl sitting by large pumpkins

Halloween 2017

Toddlers riding in wheelbarrow

Halloween 2017

So this year, we couldn’t wait to take them pumpkin picking

We decided to go to Pumpkin Moon in Rainham, Kent. We went Little Fant Farm last year, but Rainham is a little closer to home, so we thought we’d give it a try.

As well as pumpkins, they had a free maize maze, icecream, and other activities that we didn’t get to look at, because the twins just wanted to run around!

Jack and Alice are too big to sit inside pumpkins now (well, I’m not strong enough to carry pumpkins big enough for them to sit inside) and they’re too little to carve pumpkins… so I have to admit, we went because it was a fun free activity to entertain the twins.

And they were definitely entertained

The maize maze was a fun touch. It wasn’t a difficult maze – pretty much just a big circle – but Jack and Alice loved it. It’s perfect for little ones, and for their parents, who don’t want to have to chase their little ones around a maze that they could actually get lost in.

Mr Becca and Alice exploring the maize maze

We let them pick their own pumpkins…

To a certain extent anyway. They both took a shine to pumpkins that were bigger than they were! Maybe I could have recreated the “naked baby in a pumpkin” shoot after all! Jack’s chosen pumpkin might have been a bit of a tight fit…

Toddler boy sitting on a large pumpkin

But Alice definitely could have fit into hers!!

Toddler girl standing by a large pumpkin

Pumpkin picking is a really great family day out

and it was a lot more fun this year than last year, since the twins were more stable on their feet and we didn’t have to carry them everywhere!

As far as how Pumpkin Moon in Rainham compares to the other pumpkin farms we’ve been to… they’re all pretty much the same, aren’t they? This one didn’t have much in the way of cool pumpkin displays to take pictures of the twins on – at least, not that we saw! It might have been hidden in one of the areas that Jack didn’t want to run towards. But it did have a lot of pumpkins! And so many different varieties! We ended up coming home with 3 small pumpkins, which kept the twins happy, because they got to carry their own pumpkins back to the car. It also kept me happy, because I didn’t want to buy huge pumpkins that they’re too little to do anything with!

If I’m honest (and I always try to be), I prefered Little Fant Farm and I think we’ll go back there next year. There just seemed to be a bit more going on there – like an event, rather than just picking pumpkins, which made it more interesting for me. Although, the twins loved Pumpkin Moon and didn’t seem to miss any of the stuff Little Fant Farm had that Pumpkin Moon didn’t.

If you haven’t taken your little ones pumpkin picking yet, you really should! There’s still a week before Halloween and, with most of the kids being on half term, I’m sure there are lots of pumpkin farms, local to wherever you are, open for business this week!

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Pumpkin Picking With the Twins


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