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6 Tips for Taking Toddlers to Fireworks Displays

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6 Tips for Taking Toddlers to Fireworks Displays

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November is just days away, which means… fireworks! Jack and Alice are nearly 3 and we haven’t taken them to a big fireworks display before. They just seemed too little before and Alice gets nervous, so we thought we’d wait. But they’re a little bit bigger now and we’re considering taking them to one of the smaller, local displays.

But taking toddlers to fireworks displays can be tricky business, right? I mean, you never know how they’re going to react and, if they hate them, the fun night you had planned turns into a nightmare. So, I asked some other mummy bloggers and came up with

6 Tips for Taking Toddlers to Fireworks Displays

Buy ear defenders

and make sure you have them with you, in case the noise is too much for the little ones. It’s a good idea to get them to try them out at home before you go, so that they’re used to them and already understand that wearing them will help with the noise – in case they’re too upset to listen to you explain it once the fireworks start.

Make sure you go prepared

Sometimes, there’s a lot of waiting around before the fireworks start and toddleres can get bored. Take plenty of snacks (food at the displays can be overpriced) and something to keep them entertained if they run out of patience.

Be Flexible

Make sure you position yourself where you have room to move away from the fireworks if you toddler gets too stressed out. And make sure they know that you will take them home if they don’t like it. Do be prepared to actually take them home if you ask them to. If you force them to stay when they’ve asked to leave, it will only make them more upset and less likely to be willing to try again next year.

Try a “low bang” or quiet display

If you’re worried about taking toddlers to fireworks displays because of the noise, a low bang display could be the answer! You might have to do a bit of research into whether there’s one of these in your area, and I understand that they often sell out before the big night, but they’re the perfect solution for children who don’t like loud noises.

6 Tips for Taking Toddlers to Fireworks Displays

Keep them visible

Naturally, it gets pretty dark at fireworks displays and it’s easy for children to disapear out of sight. Save yourself to stress and entertain the kids with glow sticks. You can use them to make necklaces and bracelets so that you can easily spot them in the dark. They’re cheap, too, and the kids will love them! They’re a great alternative to sparklers, too!

Check the start time of the display

When taking toddlers to fireworks displays, try to go to a display that starts earlier. With a late display, there’s a chance that the little ones will get overtired and grumpy before the fireworks even start. If you pick an earlier display, they can enjoy the evening and still get to bed at a reasonable time.

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