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5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas For Busy Mums

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5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas for Busy Mums

5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas For Busy Mums

It’s been a long week, right? It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading this on a Monday or a Friday, its already been a long week! (It has in this house, anyway!) That’s why we all need some “me” time, and what better accompaniment than a little gin?

Now, I am not a big drinker (especially at the moment). But it’s coming up to the busiest time of year, the twins are jumping on my very last nerve every day (hello, terrible twos! They’re being a little bit… challenging… at the moment) and everything is getting just that little bit more hectic. Some nights, a little drink sounds like a really nice idea! And even if I can’t have one, I know there are plenty of my readers who can! So this post is for you!

I’ve talked about self-care before and we all know that we don’t always have time for yoga and pamper sessions (as nice as that would be!). Sometimes, you just need a little treat that you can prepare quickly or something you can have simmering in the background…

Enter our “5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas For Busy Mums”.

You deserve to kick back and relax. Friday nights, when the house gets quiet (you know, if you’re one of those lucky people who have kids that like to sleep), pj’s on, one of these delicious drinks in hand? What more could you want?

1) Original G & T For A Sweet Tooth

– Gin of choice
– Tonic
– Chambord
– Blackberrys
This has all the autumnal colours, its a one glass pop it all kind of a situation so easy peasy. Take a tall glass and fill with ice. Pour over a gin measure, add in a few splashes of Chambord (it’s blackberry liquor- intensely sweet and delicious) then a few blackberries, the riper the better. Stir this all together until the blackberries start to break up a little. Top off with tonic and serve. Best enjoyed when the kids are in bed with your favourite binge-worthy program on in the background.

Gin cocktail in a glass

2) The G & T With A Lemon Twist

– Gin of choice
– Tonic
– Lemon
– Lemon Thyme
– Sugar Syrup
Take delicious earthy flavours that work exceptionally well together and enjoy, plus is super easy. Take a tall glass and fill with ice, add sugar syrup, about 2 Tbls per person, add a measure of your fave Gin and the juice of half a lemon. Then add a few leaves from the lemon thyme then stir together. Top of with tonic and garnish with a fresh sprig of Thyme and a piece of lemon peel. (If you put a lighter to the lemon peel for a second, it releases the oils and makes the garnish pop.)

3) Hot Ginger, Cinnamon Toddy

– Stem ginger
– Gin
– Water
– Cinnamon stick
Place a measure of gin per person in a saucepan. Then add one ginger (from the stem ginger pot) chopped up into the pan. Add in a tablespoon (per person) on the stem ginger sugar syrup from the pot into the pan too.
Bring everything to simmer then strain to remove the bits of stem ginger.
Serve in a tumbler and garnish with a cinnamon stick and a fresh piece of lemon peel. Delicious, sweet and heartwarming.

4) Spiced Cider & Gin Warmer

– Cider
– Cloves
– Cinnamon
– Gin
– Water
– Sugar Syrup
This is a little American meets Britain autumn (or fall) collaboration. Place a cup of cider per person in a pan. Pour in a measure of Gin person. Add in a couple of cinnamon sticks, a couple of cloves, a couple of tablespoons of sugar syrup and a cup of water. Let this all come to simmer. Serve in a tumbler and garnish with a cinnamon stick, sit yourself down, open a good book, sit back and relax.

5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas for Busy Mums

5) Mulled Plum & Gin

– Plums
– Gin
– Sugar Syrup
– Orange Peel
– Cinnamon Stick
It’s another hot drink but its the kind of thing you can have simmering in the background while you cook dinner, then you can pop your feet up with this winter warmer. Add to a saucepan the cut up plums, about 1 plum per person. Add in a tablespoon of sugar syrup per person, a cinnamon stick and a few slices of orange peel and, of course, a measure of gin per person. Top off with a cup of water per serving. Let the mixture stew on a low heat for 15 mins or so, adding in extra water as necessary. Serve in a short tumbler with a fresh slice of orange peel.

There you have it – “5 Easy Friday Evening Gin Cocktail Ideas For Busy Mums”. I hope you enjoy sampling them, being experimental and trying new recipes for yourself. Leave me a comment below to let me know how you get on! Even better – if you have some other recipes I should try, let me know!

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