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How to Get Over a Weekend Off Plan

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How to Get Over a Weekend Off Plan

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Dieting at the weekend is hard

It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? I don’t know exactly why, but it’s much easier to stay on track from Monday to Friday.

We spend our lives saying “the diet starts on Monday” and then, if we do indeed start the diet on Monday, our motivation slowly drains away until we get to the weekend and all our good intentions fly out of the window. And then, suddenly, you’ve had a weekend off plan and you’re “starting again on Monday”.

(Side note – if you’re one of those mythical people who manage to stay 100% on track, 7 days a week…. please tell me your secret. No, really.  Hit the comment button. I need to know!)

This weekend was one of those weekends.

As I mentioned last Friday, it was Mr Becca’s Birthday. We don’t go out to eat very often now that I’m on the Cambridge Weight Plan, mostly because the social side of things is the most difficult part of the plan. We tend to eat at home, where I can cook a healthy meal or we go somewhere to do something that doesn’t involve food. But birthday’s are special, so we went out and I definitely ate more than I originally planned to.

Sometimes, life happens. As a CWP Consultant, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but it’s OK when life gets in the way sometimes. Especially with a plan like CWP.

The Cambridge Weight Plan works. It just does. I strongly believe that it can work for almost anyone (barring certain medical contraindications), providing the most suitable step is followed and the person puts the effort in. It’s not a plan that will just work on its own, but name one that does? Whatever weight loss plan you follow, it takes a bit of effort and willpower, right?

Of course, CWP (like any plan) works best when you stick to it. More than any other weight loss plan I’ve followed (and I’ve tried them all…), you can’t cheat on CWP and expect it to keep working for you. I guess it’s a bit like a marriage in that way.

But let’s be realistic

Meal replacement diets are hard. And, sure, the best thing to do is just step up – CWP has a step for everyone and, if you need to go out to eat, you can limit any damage by doing step 2 or 3 and eating a healthy meal. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. Whether you feel like you can’t stick to the plan, even by going up a step, or you just don’t want to (and, let’s face it, those times when you think you “can’t… they’re probably really times when you just don’t want to). There will be times when you come off plan completely and while that’s not ideal, it is OK.

Just don’t let a weekend off plan (or any day) ruin all your hard work.

How to Get Over a Weekend Off Plan

How to get over a weekend off plan

It is possible to have the occasional meal or day off plan without completely ruining your progress. That’s not to say you won’t do any damage at all – your weight loss is likely to be slower than if you stay 100% on plan – but what really matters is how you recover from it. If you let one meal or one day turn into two or three or a whole week… you will not get the results you’re hoping for. That’s no secret, right? But there are ways to recover from a weekend off plan, without undoing all your hard work.


If you think you’ve got a date or event coming up that will make it hard to stay on plan (that’s right, Christmas, I’m talking about you…), plan for it. Decide how far off plan you’re going to go and stick to it. At least then, you’re holding yourself accountable and you’re less likely to go on a massive blow out that you weren’t prepared for.

Draw a line under it

Regardless of whether your tumble off the wagon was planned or not, draw a line under it. Don’t let it spill over into the next day. Don’t beat yourself up over it – that doesn’t achieve anything! Just move on. You can’t change what you’ve already done, even if you wish you could. But you can change what you do next. So just get back on that wagon, dust yourself off, pull your socks up (and other cheesy cliches) and just get back on plan.

Drink water

This is so, so important. Whatever diet plan your following, making sure you’re drinking enough water is so important. On a good week, it can mean the difference between an OK weight loss and a great weight loss. But after a weekend off plan, it’s even more important. It really can mean the difference between gaining weight and not. So drink what you think is enough… and then drink a bit more. If you struggle with water, get your CWP water flavourings out (or your squash, etc, if you’re not on CWP), or use Mix-A-Mousse to make jelly – it all counts!


With any plan, but especially with CWP, it can be hard to get back on track after any amount of time off. If you were in ketosis before, chances are you won’t be after a day off. So you’ll probably be feeling hungry and you’re more likely to be tempted to let one bad day become two. Try to remember why you started in the first place. Focus on your goals. The only guarantee you’ve got is that you’re not going to get there by giving up.

A weekend off plan does not have to ruin all of your hard work!

Now… confession time. I mentioned earlier that last weekend was not a great one for me, diet-wise. Well, I decided to follow my own advice and draw a line under it, so I weighed in a day early this week. I gained 2lb. It’s not surprising, or unexpected, but it is really annoying. And disappointing, of course.

I’ve decided to do a week of TDR (Total Diet Replacement), which is a lower calorie CWP step. I started yesterday and I’m going to write all about it next week!

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