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TDR: Total Diet Replacement – How Bad Could it Be?

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TDR: Total Diet Replacement - How Bad Could it Be?

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After my not-so-great week last week, I decided to throw myself back into the plan. After weighing in a day early to get it over and done with, I started a week on the Cambridge Weight Plan TDR (Total Diet Replacement) step. How hard could it be, right?

How is TDR different to Step 1?

In lots of ways, TDR isn’t at all different to Step 1, which I was already doing. I’m still having 3 products a day and no other food. Very basically, it’s a lower calorie step, with a much smaller range of products. There are only 8 products currently in the TDR range, and they’re not products I would normally chose the equivalent of in the standard range. But I keep hearing about how amazing the results are and it’s the only step I didn’t have any experience of. I don’t feel comfortable advising clients about a step I’ve never done, so… here we are!

TDR: Total Diet Replacement - How Bad Could it Be?

I was a bit worried about the lack of choice

As I mentioned above, the products in the TDR range aren’t what I would usually choose. I really like the CWP ready made shakes and bars, especially the chocolate-based ones. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of the other products. I just don’t like them as much and the ready made shakes are so convenient when I’m in a rush.

I’m not a big soup fan, so I didn’t think I’d like the Chicken & Mushroom soup at all. I also don’t really like lemon flavoured things, so I wasn’t looking forward to the lemon bar. I was worried I’d end up having the same three shakes all week and that I’d get bored and wouldn’t be able to stick with it.

How wrong was I?

Well, firstly, the chicken and mushroom soup is now one of my favourite products. I don’t really like regular soup, so I did not expect to like a meal replacement soup. But it makes a really nice meal on cold evenings and tastes delicious.

I was also surprised by the lemon bar. My consultant didn’t have the peanut bar in stock (and neither did I) when I started my TDR week, so the plan was to go back and swap some of the lemon bars for peanut bars at some point during the week. That didn’t happen. Mostly because I was busy and couldn’t fit it in, but also because I actually like the lemon bars.

I do still prefer the ready made shakes to powdered ones, but they’re all really nice and I didn’t struggle at all, except with the vanilla shake, which I wasn’t too keen on. Apparently, it’s yummy with a bit of coffee mixed in, but I don’t like coffee either.

I was surprised by how easy I found TDR

Obviously, I had the advantage of already being on Step 1, so I was used to not eating regular food already. But I wasn’t hungry at all on TDR and I didn’t get bored of the products like I thought I would. I just kept reminding myself that it was only a week and I can do anything for 7 days. The thought of a really good weight loss kept me going, even when I really wished I could have a chocolate mint shake, a cranberry crunch bar or a macaroni cheese.

So did I get that good weight loss?

I decided at the beginning of the week that I wanted to lose 5lbs this week. Obviously, I did gain 2lb last week, so I wanted to get rid of that and then some. Since I weighed in on Tuesday last week, I decided to weigh in on Tuesday again this week…

And I lost the 5lb I was hoping for! I’m so pleased with that. That’s a total or 1st 7lb in 7 weeks, which is fab! I’ve decided to carry on with TDR for another week, to see how much I can lose next week!

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