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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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So, we’ve got 5 weeks left until Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We’re very nearly done here in the Becca household and, just in case you’re not, I thought I’d share some of the things Jack and Alice will be getting this Christmas in this very handy list of

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers


Let’s just jump straight in with the controversial one, shall we? Jack and Alice will be 3 in February and I know that lots of people will think that they are too young for tablets and screen time and all that jazz.

To be honest, part of me agrees! But they love the educational apps we have on my iPad, and I would quite like my iPad back. So they’re getting a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet each. We’ve actually just ordered these, because they’re in the Amazon Black Friday sale – thank heavens! Because we have to buy two.

Fire 7 Kids Edition

Balance Bikes

Just to reassure everyone that my kids don’t spend all day everyday in front of a screen, they’ll be getting balance bikes, too! Luckily, I don’t have to buy these, because their Auntie has bought them instead! The twins are going to love these! They currently have Scuttle Bugs, which they love, but they’re getting a bit big for them now. I’d definitely recommend them for 1-2 year olds, but I don’t think they’ll last the twins another year. I’m hoping the balance bikes will help get them ready for their first proper bikes!

Balance bike

Leapfrog Leapstart 3D

Oh my gosh, Alice is going to LOVE this! She’s all about books and learning and the Leapstart 3D combines both. There are lots of different activity books, that you buy separately, that cover four learning levels, from nursery/pre-school to Year 1. I really feel that this (bought for the twins by my mum) will be a nice compromise between the twins’ love of electronics and their love of books and learning. In my opinion, no list of Christmas gift ideas for toddlers is complete without one of these.

Leapstart 3D

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Kinetic Sand

We’ve actually bought the twins a couple of different kinetic sand kits, but my favourite is this Beach Sand Kingdom Playset. One of the reasons why it’s my favourite is that all the sand is the same colour! The other sets might look more interesting… but this set won’t end up with all the different colours mixed together, which is is what I hate about Play-Doh and all other similar messy toys.

More seriously, Jack and Alice love stuff like this. They’re still a little short of the recommended age of 3, but they don’t automatically put things in their mouths anymore (interestingly, Kinetic Sand is wheat, gluten and casein free – just in case your little one does fancy a snack…) and it’s great fun for me to play with them. Except for the colour mixing thing. (It also gets them away from those pesky screens).

Kinetic Sand


Jack and Alice love puzzles and we’ve got a few new ones for Christmas. My favourite is this Peppa Pig puzzle set. It has 4 puzzles in different sizes and, as much as I wish they didn’t, they love that annoying little pig. These should keep them busy for a while!

Peppa Pig puzzle set

We’re really trying to not overdo it this Christmas, since their birthday is only a few weeks later in February. What are you getting your toddlers this year? I hope this list of Christmas gift ideas for toddlers has helped! Let me know in the comments below.

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