Make Your Own Advent Adventure At Home

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Make Your Own Advent Adventure At Home

We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a huge selection of bright and bold festive decorations that flourish on the aisle of your local shop. While it’s fair to say that it’s impossible to ignore the festive season (and why would you want to??), somehow the abundance of pre-made decorations and presents can make it a little tricky to get into the Christmas spirit. When everything looks the same, and everyone gets the same presents, somehow the festivities begin to feel fake, right?

Christmas is, for many, a time for getting together as a family. You don’t only exchange presents. You forget for a moment about all your worries and build new memories together. Probably while fighting over the last of the stuffing balls or pigs in blankets. Obviously, the gifts and the decorations (and the food) shouldn’t be the most essential element of Christmas. You might find more meaning in the seasonal togetherness, if you can bring unique ideas and advent celebrations to your home. I love festive crafts and, for me, making Christmas unique is all about building it yourself!

Homemade advent calendar

Keep the Christmas spirit alive

OK, so making your own Christmas doesn’t mean that every single decorative element should be homemade. Let’s be honest: nobody has time for that! But you can add a creative touch to the traditional elf on the shelf (or, in our house, the Kindness Elves) scenery, for instance. Creating a story around your elf can be an exciting way to get everyone together – the kids will love and it’s a great way to countdown to Christmas. Every day of December, the elf could be up to something different – an interactive advent calendar that gets everyone in the mood. If you document every day, you’ll get a fun photo display to share with your relatives around the Christmas dinner table, too.

Comfort snacks for Christmas time

The best thing about the Christmas season is that you can indulge in yummy food! Forget the turkey for a minute; there is so much comfort food to enjoy at Christmas. There’s nothing like a fantastic cheese platter at the end of the meal to put a smile on your face. And it’s all the little snacks that get you through the day; from the gingerbread biscuits to the mint and orange chocolates. In most families, these are integral to the festivities; they are part of all families activities during the holiday. It’s impossible to play board games together without a little plate of sweet snacks on the table at Christmas time, for example! So, get in the mood ahead of the season by baking some traditional cookies and biscuits.

Bake Christmas biscuits for everyone

Help your children to get ready for Santa

All children (and most adults) love an advent calendar. Behind every door, there is a hidden chocolate treat; what’s not to like? However, the excitement of a shop bought advent calendar – following a Harry Potter or Marvel heroes theme, for example – can die out pretty soon. I mean, mass-produced calendars lack personality and charm, right? Sure, some of them are cute, but, really, the only good thing about them is the chocolate. Why not make it a bit more magical by making your own calendar with the kids? You can make a simple treat bag calendar in less than an hour – and hide little treats and toys inside. A real surprise every day, instead of the same old cheap chocolate hiding behind those cardboard doors.

It’s time to make Christmas personal again. Don’t fall for the commercial Christmas decor (at least, not all of it!). Building your own advent party is the best way to make it magical for your family.

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