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Selling Your Home Next Year?

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If you want to sell your home next year, you need to make sure it is ready to be sold. Here are some tips on navigating the property market successfully.

Selling Your House Next Year?

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Can using more than one estate agent help you to beat the tough market?

You may be tempted to instruct more than one estate agent to handle the sale of your home. After all, the wider you advertise, you may think, the quicker the property will sell. And a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, all you may be doing is creating confusion and sabotaging the efforts made on your behalf. Each agent will probably take their own photos of the property and write up a description in their company’s own house style. These can vary greatly from agent to agent. You may even find that two estate agencies will disagree on value and your property is advertised at two different prices on the same website.

These days, over 80% of people start their property search online. It just looks desperate if your property crops up time and again with different agents. And that is not going to help encourage buyers.

It’s far better to choose your agency cleverly in the first place. Do your research. Then, like any good relationship, work hard at making it work. Keep in touch with them on a regular basis, thank them often for their efforts and that way, you’ll keep your home at the forefront of their agenda.

Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar

A garden lawn punctuated with weeds. The steady drip from leaky guttering. A broken porch light. All little items you may have lived with for a long time. They were inconvenient when they first happened, but you barely notice anymore. However, you can be sure your property viewers will. These are the kinds of details that may create uncertainty in a potential buyer – if these small maintenance jobs have been overlooked, what bigger problems are lurking beneath the surface?

It’s true that attending to minor details like this won’t help if the roof needs replacing or the electrics need re-doing. But why risk putting off a serious buyer by leaving them with an overall impression of an uncared-for house that will cost them time, money and effort in future?

It’s the work of a moment to replace a broken light bulb. Weed killer takes a little longer but is still not exactly a time-consuming activity. And it’s relatively cheap to get a man in to clear and fix your gutters if you’re not confident enough to climb a ladder and do it yourself. One of the biggest turnoffs is old and dirty carpets. Visit Carpet One for cheap replacement options. Look analytically at your home and what you can do to prove it against even the fussiest buyer with just a little care and attention.

Hopefully, the tips provided can help you sell your home in 2019. Good luck.


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