Christmas Markets in London

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Christmas Markets in London

I LOVE Christmas markets!

I know it seems like there isn’t anything about Christmas that I don’t love, and you’re probably right. But, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London is my spiritual home. I’m not even joking. I just love everything about it. Before we had the twins, Mr Becca and I went to Winter Wonderland pretty much every year (our plans got ruined by bad weather once or twice), but it’s been a bit less regular since 2015.

I was heavily pregnant that year and couldn’t manage all the walking. We took the twins for their first Christmas, in our Connecta carriers, but Mr Becca complained about being cold all day. And when he wasn’t complaining about being cold, he was complaining about his back being sore from carrying Alice.

Mr Becca does not share my enthusiasm for Christmas markets.

Last year, the twins had stopped enjoying being carried for long periods of time. They were too little to walk and taking the double buggy just seemed like a terrible idea, so we didn’t go.

We had pretty much the same problem this year, but I was starting to feel “homesick” and really wanted to go. So, I decided to leave Mr “I hate the cold” Becca and the twins at home, and took my bestie instead!

Helen had never been to Winter Wonderland before.

That deserves to be written in bold. Everyone needs to visit Winter Wonderland. At least once. I wanted to make sure she had a great day, so I booked us tickets for the Magical Ice Kingdom and the Cirque Berserk. These are my favourite Winter Wonderland attractions. Especially the circus.

I was really looking forward to our day in London.

Christmas Markets in London

Is one Christmas Market enough?

Don’t worry. Trick question. Of course one Christmas market isn’t enough. That’s why we planned to visit three! All on the same day. Efficient, right??

We started with Southbank Winter Market

I had never been to Southbank Winter Market before. But I liked the promise of amazing food, and it didn’t disappoint! There were some really lovely stalls with pretty gifts and beautiful jewellery.

Southbank Christmas Market

It was a little smaller than I was expecting, but we were there fairly early in the day (around 11am) and a few stalls didn’t seem to be open. It was nice to have a look round without it being too busy though, and the food stalls smelt amazing!

From there, we went to Leicester Square

We go to Leicester Square fairly often, but I’ve never been to their Christmas Market. It’s a small market, but well laid out and a great selection of stalls. And, of course, M&M World.

M&M World

We were making pretty good time, so we decided to walk to Choccywoccydoodah and have a look around Covent Garden before heading to our final market. My only advice would be to avoid weekends at Covent Garden! We couldn’t look around the market, because we could barely get into the market! It was so, so busy!

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

Our last stop was Winter Wonderland, the biggest of the Christmas markets in London. It was cold and rained for a lot of the afternoon, but we still had a great time! We had the most delicious raclette cheese, melted over sauteed potatoes, topped with chopped bacon. It was just amazing comfort food.We looked round all the stalls and I bought myself some pretty earring and Helen bought herself….. earmuffs. There was lots to look at!

Winter Wonderland stall

The Ice Kingdom was… cold. Very cold. But also beautiful! The detail of the ice sculptures is just amazing and the skill that must go into creating them is immense. I would definitely recommend that you check it out if you’re in London. Just wrap up warm – they’re not kidding when they tell you to do that!

Ice sculpture in Ice Kingdom

And then it was time for Cirque Berserk! I love the circus, and Cirque Berserk is brilliant, because there’s not a clown in sight (an important point, since I wanted Helen to go with me)! They stunts they perform are just brilliant. The 45 minute show flies by so quickly, because there’s not a single moment where they’re not doing something amazing.

Cirque Berserk bicycle stunt

So, if you’re in London – or heading that way this Christmas – you should definitely check out Winter Wonderland and the Christmas markets in Southbank and Leicester Square. Even in the cold and rain and with all the crowds, it’s still a brilliant day out!

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