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Why I Had a Destination Wedding

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Why I Had a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful

There’s so much to think about, right? From the moment the Big Question is popped, there’s decision after decision to be made. It can all be a bit overwhelming.

I always thought that if Mr Becca ever got round to asking me to marry him, we’d have a long engagement. But he made me wait over 6 years, so I figured we’d waited long enough.

He proposed on Christmas Day 2011 and our whole wedding was booking by New Year’s Eve. Once I decide what I want, I don’t hang around. We got married on New Year’s Eve 2012, so that long engagement really didn’t happen.

I really wanted my wedding planning to be as stress free as possible

I was convinced that the whole “Bridezilla” thing wouldn’t apply to me and I’d breeze through the decision making without a hitch. Let’s take a moment to have a giggle at that. I obviously hadn’t ever planned a wedding before, so you’ll have to excuse me for being naive.

Why do weddings have to be so complicated anyway? As soon as I said Yes, my head was full of thoughts of wedding venues, photographers, food, the all-important date… eventually, I realised that there was no way I’d be able to keep it simple. So, I decided to have a destination wedding.

Why I Had a Destination Wedding

Booking a destination wedding took the pressure off

We’d always fancied a trip to Jamaica, but could never really justify the cost. Wedding to the rescue! If you can’t justify spending money on your big day, when can you? Plus, everything was pretty much organised by the resort. I had to choose between vanilla or rum cake, 4 possible time slots for the ceremony, what flowers I wanted and whether I wanted to use the resort photographer or hire someone else. For the record, I hired Stacey Clarke Photography¬†and she was amazing.

Our Destination Wedding photo

One thing we did have to think about was who to invite

The guest list is difficult enough when you’re getting married in the UK. When you’re planning a destination wedding, it can be even harder. The fact that we decided to go to Jamaica meant that a lot of the people we would have invited to a UK wedding couldn’t afford to go. Others couldn’t go because we’d decided on an adults only resort, and some didn’t want to be away from family over New Year’s.

All of this actually made things easier for me. I do not like being centre of attention. So, I knew that a big wedding wasn’t for me. I just wanted to get married. I wanted our parents there and that was enough for me.

If you want be surrounded by your family and friends on your wedding day, think hard about where you get married.

A UK wedding is obviously easier for people living in the UK to get to. And there are some beautiful UK wedding venues. So it’s worth making sure you’ve looked around a bit before settling on a destination wedding, especially one that means half your guest list can’t go!

If you have your heart set on a destination wedding, think about Europe (no Brexit jokes, please). Europe is close enough for most people to get to, and not too expensive.

Think about luggage

Let’s face it – it’s your wedding, so you won’t be travelling light. I took my dress in my hand luggage. I didn’t want to risk arriving in Jamaica without it. Another thing I’d recommend is spreading the essentials out between you and the other people going to your destination wedding. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or all your wedding essentials in one suitcase! Avoid having to replace everything, if one case goes missing. And pray that if anything does go missing, it’s the Groom’s shoes and not yours!

Choose your photographer wisely

This is important regardless of where you get married. But it’s especially important when you have a destination wedding. There will be people who can’t be there to celebrate with you and they will want to share the memories of your big day with you when you get home.

We decided to have a videographer, as well as a photographer, so that the people who wanted to be there, but couldn’t make it, could watch the DVD later.

Destination wedding day photo on a bridge

Our photographer did such an amazing job and I’m so pleased we decided to not go with the resort photographer. She took care of everything – she arranged the videographer for us, she organised everyone to get all of the photos we wanted and, most important, she took beautiful photos of our big day!

I loved every second of our destination wedding

If we’d got married in the UK, we would have spent far more than we did on 2 weeks in Jamaica. We made memories that we will never forget and we loved our wedding day. Everything was perfect for us. My biggest tip? Make sure your wedding day is perfect for you. Nothing else matters.


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