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My Dream UK Wedding

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My Dream UK Wedding

I’ve mentioned, once or twice, that we got married in Jamaica. Having a destination wedding was absolutely the right decision for us, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ththoug about what kind of wedding we would have had, if we’d done it in the UK.

My dream UK wedding

The fact that I’m already married means that I can daydream about my dream UK wedding as much as I like and I don’t have to worry about being practical. The sky’s the limit when you don’t have to worry about a budget, right?

The Dress

This bit is easy. I loved my wedding dress and I wouldn’t change it for anything. In fact, it’s probably better suited to my dream UK wedding than it was to my actual destination wedding.

My wedding dress

I figured if I was only getting married once (fingers crossed!), I wanted to have THE dress. I looked at dresses designed for beach weddings… but they weren’t MY dress. So I went for a big dress. And it was beautiful… but horribly inappropriate for the heat of a Jamaican beach! Perfect for my dream UK wedding, though.

The venue

Deciding on the right venue is important. I know that being 100% happy with our venue was so important to me and really made the day perfect.

When I think about my dream UK wedding, it couldn’t get further away from the beach! If we got married here, it would be in a beautiful country house, with stunning grounds. You can click here to see what I mean. Notley Abbey is just beautiful And that’s the kind of venue I picture when I’m “planning” my dream UK wedding.

The guest list

Our wedding was very small – both sets of parents and my brother in law. I didn’t mind. I would have liked my brother and sister to be there, but I was OK with having a small wedding. I’m not really good at being the centre of attention for very long, so a big wedding would be a bit overwhelming.

But, if we got married in the UK, our guest list would have been much bigger. I think I’d still keep it to close family and friends, though. If I could avoid inviting people I haven’t seen for years, that would be ideal.

If you’re reading this because you’re planning your own dream UK wedding, my advice to you is to only invite people who you actually want to be there. I think, sometimes, people get caught in the trap of not wanting to upset anyone or not wanting to leave anyone out. But it’s your wedding. Life is too short to spend it always trying to please everyone else. Your wedding day is your day. The only people you have to please are yourselves! Be like Santa – check that list twice and make sure you’re happy before sending the invites.

My Dream UK Wedding

The photos

Photos are such an important part of a wedding, aren’t they? My own wedding day went by in such a blur, I was happy to have the DVD and photos to remind me of what happened!

Photos are memories. You’ll want lots of them and you’ll want them to be good! Get yourself a good photographer to capture your day.

Of course, the photo opportunities don’t end with the ceremony. You’ll want to remember your reception, too. That’s where Wedding Photo Swap could come in handy. It’s an app where you invite your guests to share the photos they take at your wedding. You can use it for your Hen and Stag parties too. Then you get high resolution copies of all the photos uploaded to the app, so you can download them and print them however you like.

The party

Speaking of the reception, when I think about my dream UK wedding, I think about the party. It’s the one thing we really missed about having a destination wedding. I know some people have a UK reception when they get home, but we couldn’t justify the cost.

I wouldn’t want a huge party. Like I said before, I’m not really a fan of being the centre of attention, but celebrating with all of our family and friends would have been nice.

So there you have it. My dream UK wedding. I hope that, if you’re planning your own wedding, it’s everything you want it to be!


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