My Christmas Tree

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My Christmas Tree

Decorating my Christmas tree is one of my favourite parts of Christmas

I spend most of an entire day decorating my Christmas tree. That might sound excessive to some of you, and Mr Becca would agree with you, I’m sure. But it’s a big tree and I like a lot of lights, so it takes a lot of time to decorate.

I’m dizzy by the time I’ve finished walking around the tree, just to put the lights on it. Then I have to add ribbon and baubles etc. It’s not a quick job.

So, today, I want to talk to you about my Christmas tree, because it’s Blogmas and I might never find a better excuse! (I apologise in advance for the not great photo quality)

I don’t know when my obsession with my Christmas tree began

And it is an obsession. Every year, I try to make my Christmas tree look better than it did the year before. This usually involves adding more lights and more baubles. I don’t even know why this is important to me, but it is. I just love it when my Christmas tree looks gorgeous and my living room is lit up and looking super festive. It makes me happy.

In 2013, my Christmas tree looked like this

My Christmas Tree 2013

Not a bad effort, right? I think I had about 600 lights on my Christmas tree that year. I thought it was enough. I laugh at Past Becca now, because 600 lights on a 7ft isn’t enough for me anymore!

In 2014, I added red…

Just a few red baubles. And an extra 100ish lights. This is probably were my crazy love of fairy lights started. Looking back, it’s probably because Christmas 2014 was not a good time for me. I think I thought that if I made my Christmas tree a little brighter, I’d feel a little happier. It didn’t work. Surprise, surprise. And I didn’t like the red.

2015 was our first Christmas in our own home

The red baubles were gone and I think the lights increased to 1000. We moved in, in late November, so the house was still a mess and I was pretty heavily pregnant with the twins (photo below to prove it). I didn’t have the energy to put more effort in. Mr Becca helped a lot that year, which is usually a big No No. I like to decorate my tree on my own. It’s like therapy.

Pregnant Becca in front of the Christmas tree 2015

My Christmas tree got an upgrade in 2016

I loved my old Christmas tree, but it was old. Several of the branches were broken, and when I tried to put it up in 2016, the whole middle section collapsed. So I bought a new one. Still 7ft, but much wider than the old one. This tree is huge. I added a few green baubles in 2016, because we’d just bought our green sofa and blind, and photos of our late grandparents. There were 1500 lights on the tree in 2016. More out of necessity than anything else – 1000 lights looked lost on such a big tree.

2017 = more lights!

I put 1800 lights on the tree last year. Mr Becca joked that it was a fire hazard, but I promise, it was completely safe. It was very bright. I loved it.

My Christmas Tree

My goal for 2018 was to make my tree even prettier

I know that my tree won’t be to everyone’s taste. Lots of people think all the lights are over the top and lots of people don’t like artificial trees. I love them. I love the idea of real trees… but I love the uniform shape of an artificial Christmas tree. I think the cats would probably love a real tree more than I would, and looking after one just seems like too much effort (says the mum who has to keep 2 small children alive…).

My Christmas tree 2018

This year, I’ve got a train (Jack loves trains) and 2000 lights on my tree. I’m not sure I could have fit any more than that on there, but I guess we’ll find out next year!

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