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7 Considerations to Make after that Positive Pregnancy Test

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You have been waiting for this moment for a long time now; you always imagined yourself with a big family and now it’s finally happening. The moment you saw that positive result on the pregnancy test you knew that your life was going to change forever. You’re not sure whether you’re having a single pregnancy or multiples, but when a surprise twin pregnancy falls upon your family, it is truly a huge blessing. Now that you know everything is getting real you need to make a few changes to your day to day life. Preparing for a new baby is going to be a enjoyable, daunting and life changing task, so make sure you’re prepared for the journey. Now that you know your life is about to change for the better you can start getting practical about everything going on at home. From moving to a bigger place to buying your maternity clothes, there are so many exciting things to consider now. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider some of the following ideas to get you started on your pregnancy adventure.

1. Upsizing Your Home

Now that you know your family is about to grow it might be worth thinking about upsizing your home. If you have been preparing for this for a while you might be lucky enough to have some savings to fall back on. Check out this best home loan calculator to see what your options would be for a mortgage on a bigger home. Make sure you are searching for properties within your price range. With a baby to pay for over the next eighteen years you will need to find the best deal you possibly can for your new family home.

2. Nursery Decorating

Now that you have found your dream home you can start thinking about the nursery for your new addition or additions(!). There are so many ways you can decorate a nursery without even needing to know the gender of your new bundle, so don’t fear if you’re keeping it a secret. Opt for classic neutral tones that are going to be calming for your baby. You can add accessories and comforts as you go along such as cushions, blankets and teddy bears.

3. Maternity Shopping

With an ever growing bump you probably won’t be fitting into your clothes again anytime soon. Fear not though, heading out to go maternity clothes shopping with your girlfriend or partner can be a super fun filled activity.  There are so many cute style to choose from and they will prevent you from being uncomfortable in your tight jeans. Whether you’ve got a party, wedding or another special occasion coming up you will also be able to find a tonne of stunning maternity dresses. This will be your body for quite a few months, so choose items that you really feel comfortable in.

4. Baby Clothes Shopping

As well as going shopping for yourself, you will also need to spend some time finding some adorable baby clothes for your little bundle. It’s certainly worth buying a range of sizes because you never know when you’ll get a chance to go shopping again once they’re a few months old. There are so many cute baby clothes styles to choose from and you don’t even need to know the gender to pick out some gorgeous designs.

5. Finances and Work

When you’re pregnant for the first time it is completely natural to have a few fears about work and money. It’s likely that you’re going to need to take some time off work after you have had the baby, so talk to your employer about taking maternity leave. There will be different policies depending on where you live and work so make sure you search for all of your options. You might also be eligible for financial support if your maternity pay won’t cover your essentials. Speak to your healthcare practitioner and your employer as soon as you feel comfortable and your mind will soon be put at ease.


6. Announcing to Family and Friends

Like most new mothers to be, it is quite normal to wait until around twelve to fourteen weeks until you tell anybody about your pregnancy. Once you feel comfortable and your medical practitioner has given you the all clear you will be able to start telling your friends and family. If you want to get creative, grab some inspiration for unique pregnancy announcement ideas online. Whether you design t shirts with the big announcement on it or you tie it into a special holiday such as Christmas, Valentines or Halloween, there are so many different and fun options to choose from.

7. Baby Names

It’s always good to start thinking about baby names quite far in advance, because you want to make sure you absolutely love the name you choose. If you get sick of the name after a few weeks, you know it’s not the right one for your little bundle of joy. Consider names that are within the family. Do your parents expect your child to be named after them or a grandparent? All in all, the name of your baby is a completely personal choice so as long as you and your partner are completely obsessed with it, that’s all that really matters. Ask your friends and family for advice, but don’t feel obliged to do whatever they tell you.

Now you will be aware of the handful of things you need to do in order to start preparing for your pregnancy. There is no right or wrong method for any family; everybody will handle things differently. If you can stay calm, think practically and enjoy the journey you will be in for a smooth and exciting ride. Whether you’re picking out your favourite baby names or you’re hoping to announce the pregnancy in a special way to your family and friends there will always be something new to prepare for. Enjoy every single second of being pregnant and your little bundle or bundles of joy will be with you in no time!


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