Letters From Santa

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Letters from Santa

Everyone knows about writing letters to Santa

But is it too much to ask for the big man to send a reply? Apparently not. Because there are companies popping up all over the place, offering to send letters to your children from Santa. Some are mostly free – Royal Mail send a reply to letters sent to Santa, and all it costs you is the stamp on your kid’s original letter. Others aren’t free, but they come with all kinds of goodies and you can personalise them!

We got our letters from Santa from Magic Santa Letter

Magic Santa Letter produces letters, sacks, gifts – all personalised and all beautiful. We first ordered from them in 2016 – the twins’ first Christmas. They do a letter specifically for baby’s first Christmas. I’m afraid it’s too late to order from them now (I was unable to post about them earlier, as one of them unfortunately got lost in the post) but I’d recommend them for next year.

I ordered quite early on, when they had a 50% off discount code available. The letters aren’t bad value at full price, but I do love a bargain, especially since I have to order two.

They really are lovely letters

And they come addressed to the child, which isn’t too important for the twins this year, but older children must love getting their own post.

letters from Santa

The letters themselves look really authentic. I read them to the twins and they loved them – they were very impressed that Santa knew so much about them.

letters from Santa

And you dont just get letters

I went with the “Truly Magical” Santa letters and they were delivered with a “Santa Stop here” door hanger, a “good child” certificate, colouring sheets and a little pouch of magic reindeer food.

Extras included with letters from Santa

Unfortunately, the reindeer food is full of glitter, so ours went in the bin before the twins could see it. I couldn’t find any information on the Magic Santa Letter website about what kind of glitter was used, but it looked like standard craft glitter to me, so we couldn’t risk it. We’ll be making our own wildlife-friendly magic reindeer food.

Please note – I have emailed to ask what the reindeer food is made of, and if it’s an eco-friendly glitter (which I hope it is), I will of course update this post.

Letters from Santa

The twins loved the colouring sheets

They were entertained all afternoon, which was fantastic, because I’m not well and really needed the break!

Twins colouring

And yes, their PJs are not matching sets. That’s just how we roll on PJ days.

We will definitely be ordering from Magic Santa Letter again next year!

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