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Time To Refresh: Giving Your Family Home A Boost

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Whatever the weather is looking like outside, whether it’s bright and sunny, or there’s a chill in the air; your interior space at home is somewhere you can take control. Keeping your home feeling fresh, clean, and cool will ensure you’re living in a calm and serene environment where you can find peace at any time of the day. There are an array of things you can do to refresh your family’s house, and the following are some tips and ideas to help ensure that you’re able to update the interior in your home, no matter what your budget.

What’s Underfoot?

Whether you’re the proud owner of a house, managed to get that condo for sale, or have just moved into a flat or apartment; if you incorporate a dense, deep-pile dark carpet to each room in your house, you’re likely to lose the clean, modern feel of a contemporary home. Carpets are also much harder to clean after the kids have spilt something. The floor itself could still be a dark shade; but consider hardwood flooring or tiles instead of carpet. Of course there will be places like the bedroom that you’ll want a softer feeling underfoot; so simply choose a carpet with a lighter, neutral colour.

If you love the carpeted look and feel throughout your home, but your flooring has seen better days; it can be an expensive option to replace it in each room. Cleaning up that large rug on your wooden floor will also ensure that your textural mix can be enjoyed to the fullest. It’s not all about plain, block colours; you don’t have to shy away from patterned floor tiles. Or perhaps you enjoy a vintage influence and want to add character to your period home. Your floor tiles could also be a cooler feeling material, like stone and slate; these are also usually in grey tones, which will further that fresh and cool interior space.

How Fresh Are Your Surroundings?

Rich, deep, and dark hues can be a beautiful addition to the walls of your home; however, they can create feelings of warmth as they tend to draw a room inwards. In order to maintain a refreshing feel to a space, consider painting the walls a light, neutral tone. Crisp white paint is a classic choice and will stand the test of time when it come to interior trends; it will allow you to switch up any accent colours within the room with ease, while keeping the ambiance lifted and light. There’s also nothing quite like the clean feeling you get in a freshly painted room; it’s something the whole family can get involved with, and you can refresh a space over a weekend.

Perhaps you’re not keen on a plain white wall space; neutral hues, like taupe and pastel-yellow, are both contemporary choices that will last the years to come. The colours and patterns you choose to paint or wallpaper your living areas, should feel serene, so that you’ll feel breezy when surrounded by them. Always invest in good quality paint or paper when covering your walls, to ensure any dirt can be wiped away easily, and the room will stay fresher for longer. A light colour on your walls will also allow you to be flexible with your choices in the rest of the space. Surely, it’s time to roll those sleeves up and get the paint brushes out?

Can You Create More Space?

When your home feels small, cluttered, and claustrophobic, you need to start thinking about removing any unnecessary items from each room. By taking away accessories and items that hold no function, or sentimental value; you’ll be able to start clearing the environment, which will open it up. If you’re feeling like taking on a challenge and feel like a more extreme approach, and you feel you are living in one small room of the house, which happens to be next door to a room you rarely use, think about knocking down a wall (or two).

By knocking through to the next room and creating a larger open plan living area; you’ll have increased the space and light to the room, which will be a breath of fresh air to your home. It will also allow you to redesign the space using your furniture and accessories, without too much structural or building work. Make sure you look into reputable companies to come and assist you, and make the most of a much more open and fresh way of living. If taking a sledgehammer to your walls feels like a bit too much, then think about taking some of the artwork and photos down and moving them elsewhere to make room for a sizable mirror.

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