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Start Matched Betting In 2019

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Matched betting tutorial guides are widely available to help you get started with making a profit. However, if you do not understand the terminology associated with matched betting, you are going to struggle to know what to do. With that being said, read on for the explanation of common terms.

Firstly, let’s begin with ‘matched betting’ itself

This is a strategy whereby you bet on all outcomes of a football match or horse race (for example), using a free bet or bonus to bet on a team to win, and then laying the bet on an exchange website. You will often see matched betting recommended in free money apps because this is a risk-free method of making money.

Back bet and lay bet are two terms you will hear a lot in regards to matched betting. The former relates to backing something to happen via a traditional bookmaker, e.g., Celtic to beat Rangers. A lay bet, is betting against something to happen on a betting exchange website, e.g. Celtic not to beat Rangers. What is a ‘betting’ exchange? This is a website where people bet on different sporting events against each other.

Next, we have ‘qualifying bet’, which is the term used to describe a situation whereby you need to place a bet using your own money in order to unlock the free bet or bonus the bookmaker has offer.

‘Punt’, ‘bet’, ‘wager’, and ‘stake’, all relate to the money that is risked in the hope of gaining, i.e. the money you have placed on a bet. Finally, we have ‘stake returned’, which is commonly abbreviated to ‘SR’, which means that the stake you have placed will be returned with your winnings.

Now you know the terminology, you need to find the best tool…

Match betting can be very complex, and so you need a tool that is going to make it easy. You want a tool that is going to assess all of the best free bonuses and bets on the market, so that you know what bookmaker to sign up with and what free bet to use. They will also show you where to place your money, so that all of the hard work is done for you and you know what exactly to do in order to make a profit.

The best matched betting tools come with video tutorials, as most people find video demonstrations the easiest way to learn. You can visually see the steps you need to take. All you need to do is follow these instructions – it could not be easier.

Aside from this, you should choose a service whereby you have unlimited support. This is something a lot of companies do not provide, and you can end up feeling alone. Make sure all of your questions can be answered. You may also get access to a forum where you can communicate with other matched betters, helping each other to make the most money possible. Finally, make sure the tool provides you with new offers on a daily basis.


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