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Where Do All the Toys Go?

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Where Do All the Toys Go?

OK. I love Christmas. I’ve covered this before. But I can’t be the only one who’s a little bit relieved that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong – I’m already dealing with a touch of the post-Christmas blues and I haven’t even taken my tree down yet. But I am glad that we can start getting back to normal.

Or can we??

We deliberately tried to limit the amount of toys we bought for the twins this Christmas. I remember the conversation. It went something like “Hey, they’ve got so many toys… they don’t need more toys, right?” “No! We can totally avoid being overrun by new toys this year!”

So why are we completely overrun by new toys??

Why does this happen every year?

Our house is a fairly decent size. I mean, it’s not a mansion… but it’s not a shoe box either. And it should be big enough for 4 people. Especially since 2 of those people are teeny tiny toddlers.

And yet, I can’t walk through any part of our house without tripping over toys.

Where Do All the Toys Go?

Where do all the toys go?

When you’ve exhausted all your options for toy storage, where do all the toys go? Seriously. Someone please tell me. We have a conservatory full of kallax units and toy boxes and our living room floor is still a sea of brightly coloured plastic – despite the fact that I actually hate all that plastic and decided, when the twins were little, that we’d buy lovely wooden toys instead. Yep. Go ahead and laugh at me. I laugh at Past Becca every time I step on a small, surprisingly sharp piece of plastic.

So what’s the answer?

Do we buy yet more storage? Get rid of more toys? I already did a big toy declutter before Christmas, and yet you wouldn’t know it, to look at the mountain of toys we still have!

How can the pile of toys be bigger after they were unwrapped, than it was when they were wrapped?? They fit so neatly under the tree on Christmas Eve! How are they now taking over my house??

I wish there was a point to this post. I wish I had the answer to this problem, so that I could actually help those of you who are reading this, hoping for a solution. But there isn’t. And I don’t. Sorry.

But if any of you do have the answer… please let me know!

Oh! And today is mine and Mr Becca’s 6th wedding anniversary! So that’s pretty cool! Happy New Year!

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