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The True Cost Of Owning A Car

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Deciding to own a car in this day and age is one of the most appropriate decisions you can make as an adult, but whether you’re a young pup on the road independently for the first time or you’ve been driving for decades, the machine you’re controlling will not be cheap to run. Like most parts of life, we want to get as much out of a situation as we can whilst trying to save money doing so. With an automobile, you tend to see people making the somewhat impulsive decision to buy one – perhaps because they feel it’s the right thing to do or they want to look better – without realising how it could actually impact them further on down the line. Have a little look as we break down the cost into different aspects.


It’s, of course, illegal to drive around whilst uninsured, so it’s probably going to be important to get that sorted. If you’re a younger person on the road, unfortunately, you’re going to have to pay a higher premium due to the statistics and stereotype that the most danger on the road tends to come from that age group. A handy way of benefitting in the long-run and lowering the insurance is to partake in an advanced driving scheme. Different companies will give you different prices, so it’s smart to compare car insurance and find at what’s best for you. Breakdown insurance is another way people invest in the car as it can assist them if things go slightly pear-shaped.


Another compulsory aspect of owning a vehicle is it needing to pass the annual MOT test. This test is to check the crucial parts of the car and make sure it is safe and legal to use on the road. Naturally, safety is the biggest concern when on the road. You’re going to need this procedure taken care of as you don’t want to hurt yourself on anyone else.


It’s quite a simple one, but someone who’s going to be driving a lot – perhaps due to work or other heavy commitments – will have to keep refilling the tank. This isn’t cheap, and before you know it, you can find yourself in that red light spending quite a lot of money.  

Keeping Clean

Along with the MOT keeping the insides scrubbed and running smoothly, the side of the car on show is going to want to be kept upstanding. This obviously isn’t a necessity but who wants to be riding around in a messy motor all year? This means giving it a regular wash yourself or using a car-washing service which can be pricey. It’s wise to give the interior a hoover and a clear out as nobody likes bits of dirt or litter.

The Car Itself

Finally, don’t forget about the actual vehicle itself. It’s ideal for you to work out which method of paying is best for the situation you’re in. Do you want to save up to buy the car or pay a monthly fee for it?   

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