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The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre, London

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The Lion King

Oh, I LOVE musicals. And I love the theatre. The Lion King is my favourite musical. Mr Becca and I first went to see it about 10 years ago and we both thought it was amazing. So, for Christmas, he treated me to tickets to go and see it again! Great gift, right? I thought so, too.

I was so excited on the train journey to London.

I just remembered how much I loved The Lion King the first time I saw it. And I love going to London. I couldn’t live there, but the occasional day trip to London is good for my soul.

When we got to London, we headed to Covent Garden and had a lovely lunch at TGI Fridays. Then we had a look around Covent Garden and bought some yummy chocolate to take to the theatre with us. Covent Garden is a lovely place to shop. I like looking round the markets and all the little shops with the different levels. It’s like a little maze.

The Lyceum Theatre

I love theatres. They’re always so pretty. The Lyceum Theatre is no different. We got there almost an hour early, but they have a bar, and no one minds being in a cosy bar, right? The staff were friendly and helpful and the toilets were clean – what more could we want?

Mr Becca got us awesome seats – Row J, in the stalls, right on the aisle. We were pretty close to the stage, too, so we had a great view of the show. It’s worth mentioning that Mr Becca paid £84 each for seats that are £155 on other dates (same day and time, just different date) that I’ve found online. So it’s worth looking around, if you can be flexible with the date you go.

The Lion King - photo of Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King

This show is just wonderful. It was wonderful when we saw it 10 years ago and it’s still wonderful now. From the very beginning, you feel like part of the show. The costumes are amazing and the cast is great. They’re so talented. There were some amazing dancers and singers up on that stage and I was completely enthralled from start to finish. The guy who plays Scar is especially good. He stole the show for us, really.

We didn’t take the twins with us. Under 3s aren’t allowed in the theatre, so we couldn’t have taken them anyway. Apparently, according to the website, The Lion King is suitable for age 6 and up. I think some children younger than that would enjoy the show. Others might struggle to sit still for long enough. We’d definitely like to take the twins when they’re a bit older. There’s just so much to see. The sets and costumes really are so beautiful and it’s a lovely version of the story.

I would love to go again

I’d see it again tomorrow, if I could. And the day after that. The Lion King is still my favourite musical, after seeing it for the second time. I won’t leave it another 10 years before I go back!

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