Zimpli Kids Slime Baff

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Zimpli Kids Slime Baff

Zimpli Kids very kindly sent me some samples before Christmas, to entertain the twins, which is always very much appreciated! You can find details of all of their available products on their website, but today I want to talk about their Slime Baff.

I’ll be honest. When I received this product, I was dreading using it. It looks like a lot of fun – the kids on the box sure look happy – but Alice is a funny little thing. She swings from loving baths to hating them, from wanting loads of bubbles to acting like they’re going to eat her… I just wasn’t sure she’d go anywhere near brightly coloured slime…

I needn’t have worried

Apparently, having a bath tub full of bright red slime is very cool. In fact, I had trouble keeping the twins out of the bath for long enough to mix the powder into the water to make the slime.  The instructions say not to let the powder come into contact with skin before it’s properly mixed with water, so I had to turn my body into a barrier between the twins and the tub, while also using my hands to mix the slime. Which, by the way, was weird and relaxing at the same time. It thickens as you stir it and feels like you’re up to your elbows in not-quite-set jelly. Next time, I’ll shut the twins out of the bathroom until it’s ready.

When I asked Jack what he thought of the Slime Baff, he said “it’s slimy”, which I suppose is a fair and accurate assessment of slime.

Slime is messy

That’s why kids love it. And why parents hate it. But you know what? It’s really not so bad, when it’s contained in the bath. The twins had fun using their bath jug to pour slime all over themselves and their toys and they loved slipping and sliding around in it. It kept them occupied for over half an hour – even Alice loved it! – before they decided they wanted to play with bubbles instead.

Smiley toddler girl in bathtub full of slime

And that’s when Slime Baff got really cool

I was more than a little bit worried that cleaning up and disposing of an entire bathtub of slime was going to be messy and time consuming. Worry not, fellow mums! To get rid of Slime Baff, you simply add more water to the bath, let it dilute the Slime Baff into coloured water, and then it can be drained away. Since the kids wanted to play with bubbles, once the Slime Baff was gone, I simply ran them another bath (with way more bubbles than anyone other than my twins would deem necessary) and washed the remaining slime off the kids and the side of my bathtub.

Something that I think is really important to mention

is that Zimpli Kids state that Slime Baff is “100% safe on skin, manufactured in the UK, stain free, non toxic and environmentally friendly” (hence why it can be drained away so easily). Even so, I was a bit worried about Alice’s skin. She had quite bad eczema when she was a baby, which – although mostly gone – does sometimes still flare up in small patches. But it’s impossible to know what’s going to set it off, so I took “100% safe on skin” at face value. And Alice’s skin is completely fine. No flare up. If anything, her skin feels very soft!

Jack and Alice have already started asking when they can have their next “slimy bath”. Luckily, we do have another sample (green, this time!), but we also have Gelli Baff, which we might try next weekend, and a pack that turns water into snow! That should keep us busy for a while, so thanks, Zimpli Kids! Slime Baff gets a thumbs up from us!

I was sent this product to review. However, my review is 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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