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5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Your Toddler!

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All over the internet, you will see tons of articles telling you how to toddler-proof your home. From safety gates to sponge corners to add to the tables, you’ll read all about how you should ensure that your home is going to be the safest place for your toddler to roam.

But, what about protecting your home from your toddler?

Let’s face it: toddlers? These are not rational individuals. Toddlers are testing the boundaries, they’re getting acquainted with their senses and they’re learning how to explore. Unfortunately, this usually means that they’re exploring the textures of yoghurt all over your brand new Duresta sofas! Sometimes, you need to think about how your toddler is going to affect your house as well as how your house is going to affect your toddler.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can get your home prepared for your new toddler tornado being let loose!

It’s time to put away the precious ornaments.

All those ornate photo frames, ornaments and figurines? Those no longer have a place within the arms reach of a child. The choice of whether you box them up or move them higher is up to you, but you need to get them out of the way of the toddler unless you want them to be smashed.

Cover the sofas and armchairs

with stylish throws. There’s every chance that your sofa is fabric, and while that means the sofa covers will be washable, it’s sometimes much easier to strip off throws and put them through a wash than have to battle with sofa cushions and covers. Sticky fingers will always be a thing; how you handle it matters!

Opt for hardwood flooring if you can.

You may have carpet, and ideally this is something that you can think about before you get pregnant in the first place. Replacing your carpet with hardwood floor could be the best thing that you ever do. Hardwood flooring is far more hard-wearing for spills, puke and general stickiness. It’s low maintenance and better for easy cleanup.

Create a space in the home purely for toys and baby crafts.

Your house is already going to be overtaken by toddler debris; you may as well ensure that you have a space for your toddler to play without overtaking your entire relax space. Of course, you expect a level of disruption when you become a parent, but you need to create some kind of space that you have just for you!

It wouldn’t hurt to put locks on your bathroom doors on the outside.

Toddlers are particularly adept at opening doors, and while you may have gates on the main rooms of your home, the bathroom doors need a lock from the outside to prevent chaos occurring with shampoo potions and bleach.

Toddlers are a blessing, but if you can get through the toddler years without too much damage to the house, it’s better for everyone!

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