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Decluttering Could Change Your Life: Here’s How

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Decluttering your home and staying on top of your clutter could be one of the best things you decide to do. Why? There are so many benefits that you can enjoy!

First of all, you make space in your home for better things to come in. Why are you holding on to things that you no longer like, or use? Then, there’s the fact that your home will look tidier, and be far easier to clean and maintain. You’ll enjoy spending time in your space more, and you’ll get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you actually use everything in your home, rather than feeling bogged down by things!

If you don’t believe us when we say that tidying up and decluttering is powerful, just take a look at Marie Kondo. She has both books and TV shows on the subject, and you can see for yourself just how powerful the act of tidying up is. You don’t have to follow her religiously or do every single thing she says, but changing just a few of your habits and behaviours could change your life in the long run.

Now, let’s go into a few ways you can start decluttering and tidying up your life today:

Get Rid Of All Duplicates

Start by getting rid of all duplicates. You don’t need two sets of food scales, for instance. Give everything to charity, or to somebody who will use it.

Create A Pile Of The Items You’re Hoping To Sort

Whether you’re hoping to sort your clothes or your books, start by creating a huge pile. Trying to declutter by room can feel like you’re working forever, whereas choosing an item to focus on will help you to keep up momentum and make you feel like you’re making real progress. Go from room to room gathering the items that you’re sorting and put them in your designated space. Pay attention to how you feel when you pick up each item, and get rid of it if it doesn’t make you feel good. Don’t keep something out of guilt – many people won’t get rid of gifts they were given, even if they hate them and never use them! Be vigilant and get rid. You’ll feel much better.

If You’re Not Sure, Have A Trial Run

If you’re worried about getting rid of a particular item, or you’re not sure about a bunch of items, have a trial run. Take your items out of your home and to a trusted family member, or use a self storage facility if you know they won’t appreciate being bogged down by all of your stuff. A trial run will help you to see that life without your clutter is much better.

Be Very Selective About The Items You Bring Into Your Home

In future, be more selective about the items you allow into your space. They should be beautiful, useful, or both!

Aim To Get Rid Of Something Every Day

Each day, aim to get rid of something. It might be something small, like an old T-shirt or a letter on the table, but everything counts as a win!

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