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Temperature Control Checks For Your Refrigerator

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A lot of individuals note that their refrigerator does not cool properly after they have had it for a certain length of time. Most make the mistake of automatically thinking that it is broken and therefore they simply buy a new one. Others call in a company for refrigerator repair before inspecting the problem further.

Nevertheless, if you actually do a temperature control check yourself then you may be able to determine what the problem is. This is highly useful because you know exactly what is wrong and you will know what you should be paying for when you call in someone to do your refrigerator repair.

In order to carry out your refrigerator check in your kitchen, you will need to remove the temperature control tool which is usually in the form of a dial. You should simply be able to pull the dial off of the refrigerator wall. There may be screws present and if so you will need to unscrew, but apart from this, you should have no trouble releasing the temperature control. Once this is done, the housing should simply be left hanging by the wires.

The temperature control itself should only have two wires connected to it and you need to make sure you label these so you know what wires go where. It is important that you do not pull on the wires themselves, you should pull on the connector and it should release from the control. Now, you should inspect the connectors closely. If they have corroded then this is likely to be the problem. This means you need a replacement, and thus when you call up your refrigerator repair company you can inform them that you think it is the connectors which need to be replaced.

Now, you should also check the control tool. You need to check this with a multitester in order to ensure that there is a constant and effective electric current present. You should test the fridge control on the warmest and the coldest setting possible. When it is on the warmest setting the multitester should read as infinity. When it is on the coldest setting it should read as zero. Both of these tests need to be successful. If not, you need a repair, and hopefully, your home warranty will cover you. Search for a top home warranty company, if you have not got one already. If the coldest test does not read as zero, but the warm reads as infinity, then there is still a problem. If your controller fails one or both of the tests then you will have to ring up your refrigerator repair company and inform them of this. It is likely that they will replace the controller for you.

These two checks are an extremely easy method of temperature control checking. If you notice that the temperature on your refrigerator is not working then you should carry out these two basic procedures before you get in contact with your refrigerator repair company. By doing this you may be able to source the problem and, therefore, you will better equipped and informed in order to know what repair the company is going to do and how much you can expect to be charged.

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