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ILoveGin.Com Subscription Box Review

You may remember the extremely helpful post I published last year about gin cocktail recipes. If you haven’t read it already, you definitely should.

Anyway, my friends at very kindly sent me some of their subscription boxes, free of charge, to show me how wonderful they really are!

I should start by saying…

I don’t drink

So gin subscription boxes might seem like a strange thing for me to review. And you might be right. But do you know what I realised – gin is huge right now. Everyone (except me, apparently) loves gin! I used to think that gin was a very old fashioned drink… turns out I was wrong! I used the subscription boxes I was sent as gifts for some very, very grateful gin-loving friends! Since I received them before Christmas, they were great gifts! And my friends were very happy with them.

The Box

The subscription boxes were delivered by Royal Mail. I get the feeling that my postman delivers lots of these, because his exact words were “enjoy your gin!” as he handed me the parcel, which had nothing on the outside of it to identify what it was.

cardboard box with logo on the front

Obviously, there was no mistaking what it was when the outer packaging was removed. The massive logo on the front totally gave it away. I have to admit, I was a little bit excited at this point. I may not drink alcohol, but I do love receiving gifts.

Dry GINuary

So, this was the January subscription box. were definitely not put off by the whole Dry January thing. And, luckily, neither were the friends that I gave this box to!

Inside of subscription box

Nestled cosily inside each well-padded box is two little bottles of gin and two tonics or mixers to compliment them. Each box contains enough to make 4 G&Ts, according to the little recipe booklet that come with each box. This is great if you’re new to gin, or wanting to try as many different types of gin as possible, without having to buy full size bottles. At £14 per month (including delivery and a handy little £5 voucher to spend on gin), even a non-drinker like me can see that it’s a bargain. My friends certainly thought so!

smiling man with bottle of G and T flavoured drink

“Crisp, fresh & light. The gin was a delight to drink,would definitely buy this for future enjoyment.”

Obviously, I can’t review the subscription boxes from the point of view of a consumer. But I can say that they made me very popular with my friends, who definitely gave a thumbs up!

So if you like gin (or want to win some brownie points with friends who do), check out their website and see what you think! Subscription Box Review

As previously mentioned, I received subscription boxes from free of charge for the purpose of this review, but all opinions given are my own. Or my gin-obsessed friends’.

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