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Making A Space To Work From Home

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Some people are opting to work from home as more flexible approach to working and to living. It can be the ideal scenario to reduce your commuting time and costs, have time for the family and be around for important school activities, or quite simply it is just easier to work from home. However, it may seem like the ideal situation, but it can be quite difficult to work from home. The truth is, you have a whole host of distractions. Working in your kitchen might mean you are tempted to empty the dishwasher or put your washing away. Working in your living room could mean you sneakily put the TV on instead, and working in your bedroom can make you more sleepy than productive. This is why if it is possible, having a dedicated work area can be beneficial. But how do you create one? Here are a few things to consider.

Having a desk and computer set-up

One of the main things to consider when creating a space to work from in your home is the desk and computer set-up. This might be just an ipad or laptop as you want the flexibility to work from wherever, but the desk is important. It gives you that acknowledgement that weh  you sit at it, you are working. Looking online at authentic Eames tables or even a smaller desk that can be ticked away when not needed could be ideal. Also think about the access to plugs etc, so that you can plug in your computer and any lights like a desk lamp to help you work at night, if that is when you choose to do it.

Keeping it well lit and ventilated

We all know that feeling when you are in a stuffy office. You can feel tired and lethargic, and less likely to be motivated and productive. This is when having a desk in an area that is well lit and also well ventilated will help you stay on track. Being close to a window for natural light as well as fresh air would be ideal. Or at the very least in a room that offers these things. It could help you to remain productive and stop you feeling that lethargic lul in the afternoon that anyone of us can get.

Being organised with papers and clutter

A desk, although a place for you to work, should not be cluttered with many things and lots of papers. These can also be a distraction to you. So it may be worth getting some desk organisers and also being a little more conservative with what you have around your work area. The idea is that you feel motivated to work, and less like you are sat in front of a mess.

Keep it inspiring

Finally, keep your work area inspiring. Think about displaying quotes that motivate you, colours that you love and a picture or two that will keep you smiling. It is the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to your working environment.

Let’s hope these tips have you creating a great workspace from home.

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