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3 Tips for Sorting Through Your Possessions

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Plenty of us don’t exactly have the kind of healthy and balanced relationship with our personal belongings that we would like. Often, we find ourselves caught somewhere between the urge to constantly accumulate more stuff, and the creeping feeling that we are stuffing our homes with a few too many belongings, and getting lost in clutter as a result.

Life naturally calls for a degree of balance and harmony, at least for those of us who want to maintain good emotional health, and to be able to move around productively in the world.

So, if you feel that you have fallen out of a healthy equilibrium in the way in which you relate to your belongings, here are a few tips for sorting through them that might be useful.

Consider moving things to storage while you are still making a decision

First things first, you’re going to want to go through your belongings, and think about what should be done with each one of them. Essentially, that means you’ve got to decide what to hold onto, and what to get rid of, and where to put the things that you keep.

The thing is – this can be a pretty long and drawnout process, which can be irritating, considering the immense benefits that come with actually just getting your home de-cluttered in a hurry.

One solution is to rent space in a self storage unit, and to move your excess belongings there, while working on organising the rest of your home.

That way, you can benefit from living in a tidy and structured environment immediately, and can then take your time with visiting the storage unit and deciding what to do with everything else.

Try out the “Spark Joy” approach – with some modifications

Marie Kondo is a world-famous cleaning guru, who claims to have been obsessed with tidying up since early childhood.

A major part of her patented method is related to the act of decluttering – or, specifically, figuring out what stuff to get rid of.

The system that Marie Kondo uses is to go through the different categories of stuff in your home, handle each item that falls within each of those categories, and to ask whether the item “sparks joy” when you hold it.

This can be a useful method for making pretty rapid decisions on what to do with your belongings. But it may be best to tweak it a bit. For example – don’t get rid of your medication because it doesn’t “spark joy.”

Before buying a new possession, ask yourself whether there’s a real benefit to it, or whether you are just shopping for pleasure

A lot of the reason why so many of us end up in an imbalanced and disjointed relationship with our belongings, is that we simply don’t do a very good job of filtering ourselves and preventing ourselves from engaging in impulsive buying.

Before bringing any new possession into your home, ask yourself whether there’s a real benefit to doing so, that outweighs all the negatives, or whether you are actually just shopping for the sheer pleasure of shopping.

Suffice to say, you should avoid buying shiny things just because they’re shiny.

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