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Maternal Mental Health Week – I’m a Warrior! (AD – Gifted)

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Maternal Mental Health Week - I'm a Warrior!

When Funky Pigeon contacted me about helping to promote their new Warrior range for Maternal Mental Health Week, I couldn’t wait to get involved. When they heard that I was struggling with my own mental health at the moment, they very kindly sent me The Warrior Gift Bag, so that I could tell you all about it.

I do not feel like a warrior

I feel like this post needs a disclaimer, because I do not feel much like a warrior this week. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. I have been struggling for a little while now (as regular readers will know), and it’s been hard just to get through the day. I had a big night last night – completely out of my comfort zone – and I am paying for it today.

So I definitely needed a reminder of how strong I am. I may not feel strong, but I’m battling against my own brain every day, while still doing all the regular mum stuff. I’m definitely a warrior. And if you’re struggling with your mental health, so are you!

Funky Pigeon’s Warrior Range

You can read more about Funky Pigeon’s Warrior Week on their blog, so I’ll keep it brief and recommend that you head over to check it out. The Warrior range was designed and created by Amy, who experienced postnatal depression herself and wanted to raise awareness for other mums suffering with mental health problems. 30% of the net profit made from the Warrior range will be donated to the mental health charity, Mind, and any funds raised during Warrior Week will be split equally between “Bluebell Care” and “The Birth and Wellbeing Partnership”,who supported Amy during her recovery.

The range includes cards and gifts, with inspirational messages to remind women of how strong they really are.

Tough Mother Tote Bag

I won’t lie. I love receiving freebies. Who doesn’t? But I didn’t realise how much I needed this one until I got it!

Tough Mother Tote Bag by Funky Pigeon

It’s a really great gift for any mum who’s struggling. As soon as I opened it, I wanted to send one to all of my friends. The tote bag that it all comes in is a really thick canvas bag with a great “one tough mother” slogan on the front. Inside, there’s a mug and coaster set, a little box of 4 yummy chocolates, a pack of affirmation cards, box of Womenkind Pukka tea, and a rose bath bomb. It’s a really lovely gift set to encourage mums to take a bit of time for themselves, and to remind them that they are strong and that their “now” isn’t “forever”.

Warrior Mum Gift Bag contents

The affirmation cards are a really nice part of the gift set. Sometimes we all need a bit of a pick me up and I love the inspirational messages on the cards. When I’m feeling better myself, I’m going to give these to friends who have supported me and need a reminder of their strength too.

It’s not just about the gifts

Amy and Funky Pigeon have a whole week of activities planned, to help raise funds and awareness for maternal mental health. We’re half way through the week now, but there’s still time to check it all out! So look them up on social media or head over to their blog for more info.

Warrior week with Funky Pigeon

Gifts are obviously lovely

I’m very grateful to Funky Pigeon for my lovely Tough Mother Tote Bag (and I’ve got my eye on their personalised Warrior notebook, too – because who doesn’t love a notebook?), but support doesn’t have to be about gifts, obviously. If there are mums around you who are struggling, reach out to them. Cards and gifts are a great way to do it, but a hug and a cup of tea work just as well. Maybe even better. It’s amazing how much of a difference a hug can make when you’re feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

If you’re struggling with your own mental health, know that support is out there (my inbox is always open) and you are strong.

I’m surrounded by wonderful friends, who support me and remind me that – even when I don’t feel like it – I am stronger than my anxiety (jog on, Melvin). I am stronger than my depression.

I am a freaking warrior. And so are you.


Maternal Mental Health Weeak - I am a Warrior!

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