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Designing A Killer Lifestyle Blog

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Creating the best blog you can this year will be a big challenge. With the rise of the online world, there are more and more of us choosing to make a career online in 2019. When you look to launch your blogging career you are going to be facing off against a lot of other content creators and this can be daunting. Let’s take some time today to look at some of the ways you can create a killer lifestyle blog this year.

Think SEO

SEO is an important part of making your website stand out from the crowd, because it will allow your blog to rank higher on search engine results pages. When it comes to great website design and development, this is a huge step to increasing your visibility and the chance for people to look at your content and share it around. Make sure you bring keywords into your content, your website code and use SEO techniques to make your website stand up.

Nail those flatlays

Flatlay might not be a term you have heard of, but it is used to describe images where items are placed on a flat surface and photographed from above. For a lifestyle or beauty blogger, a flatlay can be amazing for your blog and it is something which you can use every single time you post content to show off a product or add some colour to your post. The basic idea of a flatlay is to always work in odd numbers, to add props such as petals and leaves, and to take a photo on a fun background.

Connect to social media

Blogs are about sparking a conversation with others around the world and making them think. It is important as a blogger that you take the time to link your website to your social accounts and share your content every time you post something new. This will allow the range of your visibility to increase and this can have a huge effect on your ability to share and spread your content.

Stick to a theme

It is important when crafting a lifestyle blog that you stick to a theme and don’t get too carried away with lots of different subjects. A lifestyle blog is a wider net of content and this is why you need to think of ways to narrow down the content you make so that you can nail down your niche and target to the right audience. Let’s say you wanted to write about your Home life and food: this works together as you can also talk about growing food in your garden and recycling. Make sure your topics work together and you will be able to grow quickly.

Use trending topics

When creating content let’s look at what is trending in the world. Game Of Thrones ends in a few weeks, so you could add a makeup tutorial, hair tutorial, recipe, artwork or something else… any way that you can integrate something trending into your content is a good idea.

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