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It’s the Green You Need: Saving Money and the Planet

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There are so many ways to go green and the environment is a hot topic at the moment. But all too often, the green choices being flaunted are simply too expensive for most people to consider. Yes, organic veg would be great but a pay rise wouldn’t go amiss either.

So this is where we find ourselves. We feel guilty for not doing more and hopeless because it all seems out of reach.

The good news is that with a bit of smart planning, you can actually save money by going green. You don’t have to own a roof-full of solar panels or buy a top of the range electric car. You just need to be a little bit more conscious about your decisions.


Your utilities are probably the main sticking point for both the environment and your wallet. While solar panels are great if you can afford them, an easier solution is to switch to a company supplying renewable energy and reduce your energy consumption. This way you don’t need to worry about a huge investment but you can rest easy knowing that your electricity is ethically sourced.

Water is another big expense but here an investment really could work. A rainwater tank can hold a surprising amount of water which you can treat to use at home or just use for your appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher. Have a look at to see how your house could benefit.


Grocery shopping is a minefield for environmentally conscious shoppers. When you factor everything in from plastic wrapping to food miles, organic growing methods to deforestation and whether it’s even ethical to eat a particular product, you could easily go insane just looking at an avocado.

Let’s simplify things. If you can find a product not wrapped in plastic, that’s great. If you can shop seasonally, and avoid products that have travelled the globe to get to your plate, that is brilliant. If you can limit your consumption of animal products, you are really onto a winner.

But if you want to tick all these boxes at home, you should definitely try growing your own veg. You don’t need a big garden and a window sill with a few pots is all you need for a selection of herbs. But do be warned, growing your own veg is a very addictive hobby and soon you won’t be able to move for cucumbers!


Where you shop and what you choose to buy is another key area for reducing your spend and your environmental impact. Fast fashion is a major issue but choosing natural fabrics like linen can make a real difference. Similarly, buying clothes to last years rather than a season will help to save a significant number of resources including fuel and water.

You can’t save the planet by yourself, but you can do a few things to limit your environmental impact without spending a fortune. In fact, with these methods, you will save more than just your wallet.

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