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Energy-Saving Tips For Spring And Summer

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energy saving tips

Ensure your home is prepared for anything nature throws you with these effective energy-saving tips.

We’re always looking for ways to save energy in our homes. Winter is usually a bad one for energy consumption; we’re always having to turn the heating up or have an extra bath or two to keep warm during the week! In fact, there are ways you can preserve energy in the warmer months too. Take these energy-saving tips on board for this spring and summer and stay ahead of the game.

Weatherproof your home.

Even though we’d like weeks of pleasantly crisp spring mornings and long hot summers, this doesn’t always happen. We’ll probably be in for a few April showers at least and maybe a few storms for good measure. If this is the case, weatherproofing your home will be a worthwhile task. Seal up your draughty doors and windows and purchase a few draught excluders too for those cooler days.

Energy source.

It’s more than worth rethinking how you warm up your home, even if the weather is getting warmer. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll be prepared for that unexpected weather. Heating oil, for example, is a cheaper, more sustainable option compared to your usual gas and electric options. Heating oil prices are affordable and the heat from it can circulate your home faster. Of course, when the warmer weather arrives, your heating oil can be stored away until you need it again.

Install ceiling fans.

It’s not always practical, but if you can, installing ceiling fans are much more efficient than an air-conditioning system, and they work sufficiently well too. Installing a whole house fan in your attic can circulate cool air throughout your home and force warmer air out through vents. Using this instead of air conditioning systems is a great energy saving tip.

Shades and blinds.

When the sun is pouring in and the temperatures are creeping up, the last thing you want to do is to allow it to heat up your rooms until they become unbearable. By installing blinds on your windows, you’re blocking out the sun’s direct rays, keeping your home cooler for longer.

Use your washing line!

The warm weather loves a full washing line of clothes straight from the washing machine – so use it! Instead of relying on your dryer and using a ton of energy in the process, take a few extra minutes to hang out your washing to dry.

Turn off your unused appliances.

When spring and summer come around, the last thing you want is to be stuck inside watching TV. You should be outside, making the most of the weather! Before you rush off, however, be sure to turn off your appliances. This means lights, equipment and basically, any switches that leave something on standby. You’ll see a definite slash in your energy costs.

Lower your water temperature.

Let’s face it, when it’s warm outside, you don’t want to get into a hot shower. Instead, lower the temperature of your water heater. You’ll not only save around 18% of the energy consumed in your home by doing this, but you’ll be much more comfortable too.

Energy-saving tips to save you money.

Make sure you follow these energy-saving tips this year. In doing so, you’ll not only see the difference in your energy bills, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment too.

This post was in collaboration with Rix, home heating oil and fuel providers for homes and businesses in the UK. For more information or to request a quote, visit their website: https://www.rix.co.uk.

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